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Surah 101 AL-QAARIAH–The bloody revolutions will keep on taking place among people till they stop living by way of life whereby they use each other abusively for personal gains at each other’s expense and they start living by way of life advised by their creator and sustainer for ensuring their well being as a proper human community in his kingdom through help and full support of each other in order to fulfil the purpose for which he has created them.

This surah is named AL-QAARIAH because the Quran talks about upheavals and uprisings or revolts caused by people that result from their abusive use of each other or their oppression and suppression of each other. This has been the case throughout human history according to the Quran. All because some people try to control others by controlling land and resources, means of production and distribution. As a result the oppressed masses rebel against their oppressors and the result is not good for the oppressors and abusive users of masses. Selfishness and personal greed for manpower and wealth at the expense of each other leads to serious divisions in mankind and when people become divided into us and them the only way they try to sort out their differences is by trying to overcome each other through internal or external tricks and power mechanisms including plotting conspiracies and wars. At times this leads to a complete change in political and economic landscape of a people in a place. So the Quran is warning people about the terrible bloody revolutions unless they use their heads and unite on basis of wisdom expressed in the Quran in light of the universal realities. Even in case of bloody revolutions masses only support those who have some relative credibility in their eyes locally or nationally or internationally. However the Quran explains both kinds of revolutions ie the bloody revolutions brought about by angry out of control masses as well as education based revolutions that are brought about by the messengers of God and their supporters. However the ultimate revolution is not going to be anything like the past revolutions because it is going to be at a massive scale be it triggered by small local uprisings or education based programs for betterment of humanity by sincere human beings who care for humanity due to being God conscious people. The Quran constantly talks about two opposing ways of life for mankind and explains here and there in detail some aspects of each of them for mankind to see sense as to which one they should follow and why or how and which one they should avoid and why or how. In this surah the Quran is explaining for people the consequences for following the wrong way of life and how things end up for the people involved in that process ie the rulers, the money lenders, the religious leadership or the mullas and their touts or supporters and followers on one hand and the abusively ruled and used masses on the other. Nonetheless not all is lost rather something good comes out of it despite all hell breaks loose as some people still learn from this harmful and destructive experience and improve things as much as they can and so the process continues till the final revolution takes place for the last time in this world for the best of human beings whereby deen of Islam will become fully established worldwide by hands of mankind themselves as told by God in the Quran. Till then world will remain an unstable and unsettling place for human beings to live in because of their own lack of knowledge of revelation of God in light of real world realities due to their own foolishness, arrogance and stubbornness whereby they do not see the need for proper understanding of the message of God or its faithful adoption, for they assume they know better so they do not need guidance from God but human history proves they did need guidance to avoid what they did to each other and are still doing to each other for the very same reasons. This surah explains how things work in a human society. Things happen as people make them happen ie people can take their human society in any direction they work towards and reap the benefit or suffer the terrible consequences.

This surah talks about a tipping point and its time ie a time when things are suddenly turned upside down by masses whereby current powerful elite in a society is brought down and the new one becomes instated or installed. Nothing much changes by such bloody revolutions because the foundation of a society remains the very same ie people still live by the same way of life which is based upon idea of personal gains at the expense of each other. This is why the new elite group comes about and once tipping point is reached the same happens all over again and so this cycle of violence keeps on repeating itself generations after generations. All because power hungry people keep on striving for taking over the seat of power any way they can ie by hook or by crook and they try to maintain it for as long as they can. Each take over is by trick or force and it is brought down by trick or force so things stay almost the same. These sort of human populations are entrapped by their own harmful and destructive thoughts and actions against one another. They try to rule each other instead of serving each other. This is why their social, political, cultural and economic set up is designed that way in order to keep masses fully under their control. This is top down control system but the Quranic system is the opposite of that ie bottom up, whereby all people in the community are supposed to live by rule of law of God as individuals and as people working in the institutions as set up by the community for fulfilment of its needs and wants. People as a community are supposed to appoint their officials or office bearers who are the best from among themselves to serve the community and not to rule it. This is why Islamic law is not about controlling a human population by force but to organise and regulate people towards a common end goal as told by God in the Quran. Quranic system of governance is very difficult to bring about because it requires highly educated and motivated people who are capable of self organising and self regulating themselves as the rule of law of God demands of them. Till that time people who are on a mission from God carry on doing their bit as much as they can under the circumstances that face them. Their aim is to bring about an education based revolution but that needs very, very hard work which only a few manage to do. That is why not much changes in the human world because not many wish to put time and effort into learning things that ought to be learned and done so that a proper human community could come about in the kingdom of God and so that people could live a great life in this world. Nevertheless the Quran tells mankind it will happen one day when people will have learned sufficient sense to do so. Meanwhile humanity will remain unsettled, confused and in chaos till it finds for itself a solid foundation to base itself upon properly. Anyone who wishes to play a positive role in the human population must first get things of his need and want or livelihood or sustenance or subsistence or provisions, It is because to support a worthy cause one first and foremost needs to live. Once that is sorted out then one has to spend rest of his life in educating oneself about the creation and the revelation of God in order to have proper sense of things. Once one has learned things properly oneself then one has to spend rest of his life for helping others educate themselves. Thereafter starts group responsibilities eg people can become an ummah or a human brotherhood or family as taught by the Quran and then establish themselves as a proper human community in the kingdom of God and live by house rules as advised by God for people in his kingdom. All this will bring mankind a great life in this world as well as in hereafter. The main thing for a human being to realise is that all human positive actions can only and only come from human mind which is based upon guidance of God. There is no morality outside revelation of God. However morality is absolute from God’s point of view but can only be relative from human point of view. It is because God already knows what is true or right, right from the very beginning but human beings need to learn or find out things for themselves and that needs time. This is why even though humanity has started without any morals but as it has been learning and building upon learned knowledge of the past generations it has been moving towards guidance of God and his set standard and this will continue till standard set by God for humanity and understanding of humanity about things will converge. This is how one day God and humanity will be on the same page as regard morality etc.

Some people take errors in the existing copies of the Quran far too seriously due to their ignorance so they think the Quranic text we have today is not the same as it was originally revealed by God therefore it is invalid because the Quran claims God has taken it upon himself to protect the Quran against corruption. It is true that God does not make any mistakes and that humans are prone to committing human errors therefore such errors can occur but just as human beings can make such errors they can also detect them and correct them. This is why these errors do not and cannot cause such problems which could not be sorted out by human beings themselves. These human errors have a particular type of features or qualities or attributes or properties or characteristics which can be easily identified and put right if need be. Any person who writes or reads texts is bound to make such errors. This is an experience of anyone and everyone right from the school days if you like. One does some school work as told by one’s teacher and after one has done it and handed it over to one’s teacher for checking, one discovers one has made some mistakes. In an office an office worker writes some documents and discovers one has ended up making some mistakes. The nature of these errors is such that they are almost always detectable as human errors. Similarly when the Quran was being copied by copiers of the Quranic texts or scribes same happened there. When one writes a books or something at times one ends up writing extra letters or words or phrases and sometimes one misses letters or words or phrases. Same happens when people do book binding that they end up mixing pages of the book in the book. Not only that they may also add extra pages in the book or miss adding some pages in the book or they may put them in wrong order or even upside down. All these errors can be detected and corrected by matching the text which contains mistakes with the one that does not in that particular place. It is highly unlikely that the very same error will occur in each and every copy by the very same person or even by different persons. The nature of errors is such that the copied text when read will fail to make sense grammatically. In the existing copies of the Quran people can see the fact that the missed letters or words which were detected after rereading the copied text sometimes were later added the missing words in a smaller size as corrections. Likewise extra letter were sometimes removed or crossed. Not only that people sometimes wrote their own explanations of the Quranic text within the Quranic text, so before one criticises the texts in the Quranic copies for errors one has to learn the very nature of mistakes that can occur or the way they can be detected and corrected if need be. This will help one realise the fact as to why the copies of the Quran despite having such mistakes in them do not invalidate preservation claim of the Quranic text. The Quranic text has another advantage and that is many Muslims have the Quran committed to their memories as well. This means written text of the Quran can be checked against the memorised Quranic text and the memorised Quranic text can be checked against the written Quranic text. It is because the Quranic text that is in the written form comes from an independent channel and the memorised version of the Quranic text comes from an another independent channel. Again this is very much obvious from the Quranic text itself. It is because if the written Quran was not copied from the written text of the Quran directly then all copies of the Quran could not be the very same in their written style. This is due to the fact that the Arabic text is capable of being written in different ways. This means if the Quran was only preserved in memorised form then whoever made written copies of that text from his memory will have written it in one’s own way of writing the text. For example, this means BISMILLAH phrase could have been written differently by different people using more or less number of letters or symbols. Not only that but some words that could be written with more than one alphabet letter could have been written in some copies with one letter and in others with another letter. Some may have written letters called MUQATTAAT used in the beginnings of various surahs in word form instead of mere letters etc etc.

This proves very clearly the fact that the written Quranic text was not copied from the memory of the people but it was copied from the written copies. Likewise the memorised Quranic text was not memorised from the written text but from the memorised text. It is because if the memorised Quranic text was memorised from the written Quranic text then such memorisers will have read the written text the way it made no sense. It is because even letters used in Arabic alphabet set are meaningful concepts. So people could have taken written letters for meaningful words and the letters could have been written as words just like numbers which can be written as words or figures. Such fatal mistakes are not found within the Quranic text in any of the written Quranic copies around the world which points to the fact that the Quran came to people of today through two independent channels a) in written form and be in memory form. The Quran as we have it in written form could not have come from memory because had it come from memory to writing then that way everyone would have written it the way they could have thoughts eg some will have written numbers as figures and other could have written the numbers as words. Likewise letters like A, L and M could have been written by some as letters ie A, L and M and by others as full words ie ALIF, LAAM and MEEM. Had that been the case then all copies would have been very different from each other but they are not. This is a clear proof that the Quran was preserved in two different ways that were completely independent of each other. That means written text of the Quran was always copied from already written copies that were widely available at the time and memorised text was memorised from the memorised text of the Quran. They were never mixed with each other and they could not be mixed with each other or the results will have been disastrous and will have been found in the existing copies of the Quran. This experiment can be carried out even today and the result will be as explained. This is a clear cut proof that the reports about nonexistence of the Quranic text in written form from the time of the messenger of God are all false or they are misinterpreted as to what they really mean. Both written and memorised methods of preservation of the Quranic text can be used to keep a check on each other. All this explanation proves beyond any reasonable doubt the Quranic text as we have it today contains no deliberate variations but only such variations which can only and only be categorised as human errors. This being the case means all such errors can be detected and corrected by any reasonably knowledgeable person so the Quran is basically preserved one hundred percent in its original form in the existing copies of the Quran. Whether Muslims as an ummah want to do that is up to them. The reason these human errors occurred in the copying of the Quranic text is because God wanted to preserve the Quranic text through human beings themselves and not supernaturally and this is the way human beings work ie they make human errors and they detect human errors and they correct them. This is why the claim of the Quran that the Quran has been preserved by God is genuine or valid one hundred percent. One also has to take into consideration the point that if anyone will deliberately try to change a text then one will have to have a purpose or an agenda to fulfil and in that case the changed text will have to reflect or fulfil that agenda otherwise one will have no reason to make any meaningless changes to the text. Moreover in that case agenda based changes will need quite a lot of work on an existing text for serving the purpose of the agenda and not just change of some letters or words or phrases here and there. So the idea that the Quranic text has been changed deliberately or purposefully makes no sense at all if the over all message in the Quranic text still remains intact despite making all those changes in the text.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of biological, psychological and sociological needs of mankind

1] alqaariah!

This verse is talking about something called alqaariah.

2] What is alqaariah?

In this verse a question is asked of mankind about alqaariah in order to raise curiosity in their minds about it to draw their attention to it before it is explained so that people pay their attention to the answer and take the given answer seriously.

3] And what will help you the mankind to come to know what alqaariah is?

Here again a question is raised about alqaariah but this time it is about how mankind will come to know or recognise or understand or become aware of alqaariah when they will come across it. In other words alqaariah is something with which people will come face to face in due course and they will come to know or understand or recognise it when they will come across it. It is because here the Quran is asking people what will tell or explain to then as to what alqaariah is. It is something features or signs of which are told about so that when people see those signs of alqaariah they recognise it. It is a sort of situation or a set of circumstances in a place which humanity will face in due course.

4] It is a time period during which worldwide masses will become most sensitive for receiving Our piercing light of guidance as if they are highly agitated scattered moths around a brilliantly burning lamp,

Here the Quran is telling mankind that in due course a time period will come in this world when human beings throughout the world will become most educated and due to that education they will become most sensitive for receiving guidance from their creator and sustainer. Why they will become so sensitive for receiving guidance of their creator and sustainer at that time? It is because by then they will have learned enough by exhausting all the possibilities which will have failed them very badly in offering them a proper way of life for living in this kingdom of God properly. So they will have realised through their mistakes only God could guide them aright so they will respond to call of their creator and sustainer in a big way or at a such huge scale that will never have been witnessed by mankind ever before in this world. This is how the way of life advised by God for mankind will become fully established in this world by people themselves. Exactly when this will take place depends upon how quickly mankind become most educated with help and full support of each other to that stage or tipping point. This is how people will come to realise what alqaariah is because all things told in the Quran for that period of time will start happening exactly the way they are told and this kingdom of God will become a fully changed place for the human world. In a way alqaariah is result of an already running process that reaches its completion. Mankind will come to recognise alqaariah by way of some signs or characteristics as explained in the verses that follow as well as elsewhere in the Quran.

5] Therefore during that period of time the seemingly most powerful and influential from among the mankind will become unimportant and irrelevant or weightless and powerless or soft like carded wool,

The main signs at the time will be loss of influence and control of powerful people over masses and turning of masses towards deen of Islam or way of life advised by God in the Quran en masse. Even the most stubborn will become a tender hearted and soft person because ultimately word of God will influence each and every person in which is found concern for ensuring well being of humanity. All arrogant and haughty people who manipulate others for their own personal gains at their expense will become eliminated by then due to interaction between people themselves one way or the other. Here the Quran seems to be showing a democratic process of elimination whereby people will start choosing better and better people for serving them and they will start eliminating manipulators and exploiters or abusers of humanity. This process will continue till all such people are brought down from their high positions.

6] That is how Our advised way of life will become fully established during that time period whereby thoughts and actions of all people will be judged from that time onwards so he whose scale of thoughts and actions for ensuring well being of mankind will be found most heavy by masses,

Once gradually deen of Islam becomes fully established at that time from then onwards all thoughts and action by all people for and against each other will be judged according to the constitution and its laws based properly upon the guidelines of the Quran. People who ought to serve proper human community will be chosen or selected on that basis by the members of the proper human community.

7] he will have their pleasure to serve them.

8] However any who will be found empty of such thoughts and actions as ensure well being of humanity,

9] he will be made to go through haaviah of his own making by masses.

By that time anyone who will not have learned needed sense to live in this world properly according to way of life advised by God, he will be made to feel out of place and empty due to having no proper purpose or any good reason to live his life. It is because such people live only to manipulate, exploit, misuse and abuse others for their personal gains at their expense. When that opportunity is no longer available to such people that will be the end of their life but they will not commit suicide instead they will live on with a terrible agony or mental torture or regret for the rest of their lives. Their lives will be as if they have been thrown down from a great height into an abyss or bottomless pit with nowhere to land. The idea expressed in these verses is simple that masses grace or dignify or respect or honour such people who serve them well and disgrace or disrespect and dishonour and debase those who trick or cheat or deceive them. The intensity of honour or dishonour by masses is dependent upon how good or bad such leading people have behaved with them. People become important for others or lose their weight or influence upon others due to how they are perceived by others ie good or bad.

10] And what will make you the mankind understand what this haaviah is?

Here people are asked how will they understand or recognise or come to know or become aware of this thing called haaviah as to what it is or what will tell them or explain to them what haaviah is. Here again the Quran is pointing out some features or signs of this thing called haaviah whereby it will become recognisable for mankind when people will come across it..

11] It is an unending intense fire of regrets or hatred in his mind about humanity and Our advised way of life that will not let him live in peace and harmony with others ever.

Words NAARUN HAAMIAH tell us what haaviah is but the question is what is naarun haamiah? It is a state or condition of existence in which such people are forced to exist who fail to learn sense to make proper sense of things therefore they refuse to do what needs to be done to ensure well being of humanity as a proper human community in the kingdom of God so that mankind fulfil the purpose for which God has created them and all the rest of things that go with that. This state of existence will not only start in this lfie for them but will follow them into life to come in hereafter.

This surah explains the fact that as time passes and people interact with each other they will thereby come to realise who is who and what one is doing and why or how for or against one or the other therefore some people will lose support of masses and others will gain support of masses and so a time will come for one or the other kind of revolution that will change the human world forever. If things turned really ugly or worst before they turn for the best then there is going to be terrible violence between victims and perpetrators of crimes against them ie it is going to be a highly revengeful chain of riots at a huge scale and that will bring terrible worries and regret for those who will have done such things to each others whereby they would have brought this situation upon themselves. However all this could be avoided if people learn sense to make proper sense of things and start living the way they are advised by their creator and sustainer instead of upsetting each other for petty personal gains at each other’s expense and reaching the tipping point where at things turn upside down for better or for worse for humanity as a whole. No matter what ultimately way of life advised by God will become established for humanity to live by and it all will be established by people themselves.