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It is important to know some of the principle arguments about science, because educated believers claim the scriptures contain a lot of scientific information therefore it proves their divine origin. One must remember that if an alleged divine scripture is to be examined for scientific facts for verification purposes then it must be consistent with principles of scientific inquiry. It must be consistent in sense of matching up of its statements with scientific observations. It must be consistent with principles of science and laws of nature philosophically, logically and rationally and that it must be consistent in its history and in sense of information for all times and places, so that all people of all generation could verify it for themselves. Lacking any of these major qualities would prove the scripture manmade. It has been proven beyond any doubt that the alleged divine scriptures contradict the principles of science, for they use baseless arguments instead of scientific observed facts for proof. They demand absolute faith in their absolute truthfulness as a matter of principle, so they fall apart at the very first hurdle, because science can only accept something true after verification and only till it remains verifiably true as it could prove false at any stage in time, for verification is an on going process. So the science is about accepting the fact that in an on going process there is no such thing as absolute truth free of all doubts for ever. The scriptures use arguments against the laws of nature therefore they contradicts them as well ie by stating that such miracles are possible as contradict the known laws of physics or nature at any given time.

Also there are no reliable historical accounts which could show that people of all generations before us have been verifying so called scriptural scientific facts or even if they had any such ideas. On the contrary people find various inconsistencies in the scriptural information including scientific discrepancies. On top of all this the scriptures are open to numberless interpretations, which means due to being vague the scriptures by their very nature cannot be scientific, for scientific investigations require definitive statements when it comes to proving or verifying something. Moreover if the scripture was to be proven scientifically then there ought to be emphasis on this aspect of the scripture in this context, both in the scripture and in the works on the scripture throughout times and places. Also this being the main aspect the prophet or heavenly teacher ought to emphasize it to the people at the time very, very clearly and had he done so we ought to see such accounts in the reported works of religious scholars. Not only that but the divine teacher ought to lead his people by example in experimentation, research and exploration of the universe but there is no evidence whatsoever that he did, whereas the scriptures state that in the person of the divine teacher there are best example for mankind to follow. If god tells us to kill and maim the disbelievers the way the divine agents did or to pillage their property and rape their women then it is very strange that we find no example in person of the divine agent for a scientist to follow.

In fact according to believers one has to sit, stand, eat and sleep like divine agent yet one has no example of any research and exploration in the person of the agent. So one can see clearly that the scriptures have nothing to do with science. Had the divine teachers been scientific then believers would have been the great scientists, inventors, producers and distributors of good things by very nature of their belief system but they are not rather they are poor in terms of knowledge, civilisation and everything that goes with it. There is plenty of evidence that science and technology are contradictory to the alleged teachings of the scriptures, the divine agents, religions and religiously fundamentalists or extremists, for religions teach simplicity. For example, in islam anything people ever invented was forbidden in religious circles. Snapshot cameras, movie or video cameras, projectors, film making and film making equipments. Development of musical instruments, televising, dramatizing, story writing, blood transfusion, body part transplants, experimental embryology, genetic research, radio and television, and technology and equipment involved in any and every discipline is completely forbidden in fundamentalist islam. Who can argue successfully against the fact that believers failed very badly indeed to realise that in development of anything including science and technology one very, very small step leads to another and a lot of small steps result into some thing giant. Nothing can be developed into whole thing over night. When electricity was discovered it took ages for us to find its uses. When electric motor was invented its uses were developed later on. Any electrical or electronic component we invented we slowly discovered what it might be useful for. People who destroyed arts, literatures and cultures of other people couldn’t be leaders in those things. Believers are a people who do not think right, so they cannot think for themselves thus they are unable to invent anything.

Cameras are used for taking pictures and pictures are forbidden in islam, so why should a muslim invent a thing which is against his religious teachings? We know that pin-hole cameras could not be imagined without the basic invention. Cameras are used extensively by medical profession to see inside their patients’ bodies for detecting faults and checking diseases and development of embryos in side their mothers‘ wombs. They also use them for keyhole surgery. Plumbers and pipe fitters use them to discover blockages in the pipes in supply or drainage systems. Surgeons can now operate on people remotely thanks to available technology. However all religions are against medical research and experiments in particular. They do not realise that just as you can use a knife to help you cut fruit or vegetables etc as well as to kill innocent people, you can use any instrument for good or bad purpose. By stopping an invention in its tracks you are killing its future potential for other developments as well. Any invention has great potential for future mass developments, productions and distributions and therefore is potentially a job creating thing for many people. One will find things like resistors, capacitors, transistors, inductors, transducer etc etc in each and every electronic equipment from a clock radio to a most up to date computer. All this because people get ideas from ideas, so killing an idea is like setting back humanity for ages. Intellectual property is backbone of human progress and prosperity but only if you realise it. Islam in particular has halted human progress over and over, again and again. It stopped people from writing novels for example. The quran calls them useless or idle talk but people who can think know that fiction is creativity which has helped us think about space travel and many other discoveries. This is so because somebody comes up with an idea and somebody else tries and turns it into a reality. It does not stop there rather someone else comes along and modifies it into some other useful idea and product.

All sophisticated inventions came about as simple ideas in their inventors’ minds which were developed into reality. So it is a big mistake to stop people from thinking by dismissing their ideas as waste of time or against religion. If all people thought this way we wouldn’t be where we are today. On television or in cinema people watch a lot of different kinds of films for entertainment but they also raise different ideological, political, economic, social and cultural issues and educate public raising their awareness about the systems and structures at work. You have romantic dramas, private detective and investigative dramas, crime detection and investigation films, police dramas, courtroom dramas, hospital dramas, science lab dramas, school based dramas, community based dramas, family based dramas, historical dramas, current affairs programs, school, college and university based educational programs and many many others. All these help us understand the world in which we live and develop. From these we learn how the state police system works, how hospital systems work, how judicial systems works, how people of old used to live, how people of today live in the world, how future people might live etc etc. By killing dramas we are taking away a very effective tool for learning and teaching each other about things. Islam has no knowledge whatsoever or it couldn’t have made all this unlawful, because it takes knowledge in its simple form to understand knowledge in its complex form.

Taking all these things into account one can now look at some of the the verses in the quran for example that are thought to be of scientific nature. I have talked about 21/30, 41/9, 11/7 elsewhere in this essay. There is no evidence of any kind to suggest that the prophet may have told anyone that all this information was for the purpose of scientific observation and verification. Moreover it would seem stupid to tell people about things to come so far in the future that they would not live to see. In fact it would have been more sensible to give them the real futuristic information that mattered for them. Muhammad was only as clever as the nature could allow during his time. Further more, it is people who question your claims, findings or motives that make you clever because you then have an urge to find the answers for them if you really believe in doing something which involves support from others. If people asked one, how we are born or where we come from or why are mountains there, what is purpose of stars in the sky, how many heavens are there, how are they positioned with respect to each other and so on as there is no end to human curiosity then one could only reply according to what one knows. If the quran was revelation from on high then things would have been explained differently.

God would have made things clear to people for verification purposes so that people could believe in the scripture. As already explained the structure of the book would have been completely different from the quran or any other alleged divine scripture. No sensible person can deny the fact that the quran contains some factual information in general terms but then some people of that time knew some of the very obvious facts just as some people know today. These facts could be observed more closely and carefully if one has been asked questions about them which one needs to answer. That is exactly what Muhammad did, for quran was created bit by bit for this very reason.

Suppose some body asks me, how do cattle reproduce? I can say, only god knows and if he decides to send a revelation in this respect then you will be informed. Now if I am making up things myself then I wouldn’t sit idle rather I will go and find out whatever is possible for me to find out. If I have found out something interesting (of which most people at the time are ignorant) I would reveal it otherwise I could say anything I want to say ensuring that what I say is not an obvious wrong thing. Also if I choose I can remain silent saying, god has not revealed anything in this respect. So Muhammad used all these tricks and they are obvious in the quran. He repeatedly says, I do not know things unless god tells me 6/50. Some of the questions Muhammad was asked are also quoted in the quran. Moreover a great majority of people of his time and place were not clever enough to think for themselves. In fact most of the people in our time are not any cleverer than people of Muhammad’s time, that is why they follow organised religions. The reason the quran talks about a variety of things is that it wants to prove existence of god through baseless arguments instead of using divine information as a proof as explained elsewhere in this multi-facet essay..

According to the quran the earth is thought of as a circular flat plan without any boundaries beyond human reach, not a football shaped limited globe within human reach as some claim today. That is why we are told that mountains act as weights or stakes to stop it from violent movements due to earth quakes like a tent or sheet of cloth would during the strong wind. It is thought of as a flat floor that is nailed into something else underneath beyond human reach. The earth as a planet spinning on its own axis orbiting in space around the sun is absent in the quran or any other alleged divine scripture. Moreover the quran says that the skies and the earth would be folded up like scrolls. If god is talking about heavenly bodies then they are certainly not thought of as globes but like paper sheets 21/104. There is nothing scientific in 21/30 or 41/9 as explained rather people are beginning to get in the habit of applying the scientific knowledge to reinterpret their scriptures. They should have been correctly interpreted in the first place. If people have been interpreting them wrong in the past then what is the proof that they are interpreting them correctly now, for true divine knowledge ought not be improved upon? The verse 21/30 tells that everything that is living is made from water. It means through sex, for semen is also called water in the quran and that god created all things in pairs 36/36, 50/7, 86/6. If we read 11/7 we are told that water was already there before god started the creation of the heavens and the earth. This is exactly what the bible says in gensis 1/1 & 2.

It is not true to say, everything has been discovered now ie people of the old were completely stupid. You only have to see the structures the people of olden times raised through out the world. The invention or development of languages, philosophy, logic, mathematics, arts, tools and buildings etc etc clearly show the capability of clever ancient people. I have already cited the example of Egyptian pyramids that are at least a few thousand years old. We are told that the skies and the earth were smoke and god made them into seven skies 41/11. This simply means what the hadith books say ie that skies were made of metal eg copper. In that case copper from which skies were made was hot giving off smoke. It does not mean that quran is talking about our solar system, for solar system does not fit this description, because it does not have any sky or skies encompassing it as the quran suggests ie a solid dome like structure which contains the whole universe including our solar system. Moreover the solar system came to being much later as compared to the rest of the universe whereas according to the quran the whole universe with all things in it was created in one go ie in six days in a single process that was completed in six days. I have also explained the time scale the quran is talking about ie the earth was created in six days from start to finish. There is no concept of universe being created earlier and then the galaxies and then the solar system at some later time Concept of metal, smoke and spreading the metal into sheets could have come from people who used to do the metal work in those days eg they used to melt metals or spread them into shapes using heat and beating. In fact, word SMAA could mean anything over head. Under such vague description there is nothing to debate about. There are some verses about human reproduction in the quran but there is nothing special about them either. As people are also one of the animals and people have been studying animal reproduction always for breeding reasons, it was nothing strange to talk about. Again there is nothing scientific about it. In fact one should study scriptures critically oneself after going through my writings and see if I have fairly conveyed the ideas the scriptures are conveying.

One must remember that the quranic text was not finalised till centuries after the death of the prophet. Moreover who knows what was the original quranic text, what has been added to it and what has been omitted from it? There was no fixed quranic codex, because the prophet never had one, for Arabic language was not capable of doing that as explained already. Moreover the punctuation marks, dots and sound marks ie EHRAABS, NQAAT & HERKAAT etc you see in the quran today are most recent invention. As people use to read the quran by making sense of text, so each sect made of the quran what suited it and punctuated it the way they saw fit. This was a very difficult thing to do because one had to figure out the letters, then one had to figure out the words, then short and long vowels, and then the sentence and the punctuation before one could make sense of it. If the quran was divine in its origin then it would have been a perfect scripture free of all kind of faults including the language it was written in. The book should have been perfected by god during the life of the prophet with all the dots and sound marks called NQAAT, HERKAAT and EHRAAB or punctuation. It was essential that all muslims had exactly the same copies of the original quran not bits and pieces. Such things about the quran are clearly told in the hadith books. The collection of the quran is not any different from the collection of the vedas, avesta, torah, the gospels or any other religious scripture. This fact is deliberately hidden from the masses so that they could be tricked into believing in the originality and infallibility of the alleged divine scriptures. It suits muslim clerics and their masters to keep masses of muslims ignorant, illiterate and poor, so that they never realise what the life is all about and do not revolt against the real masters or the clergy.

The hadith books and the biographies of the prophet were also written centuries after the death of the prophet. It is dishonest of muslims to give modern meanings to the verses of the quran in order to justify them according to the latest scientific knowledge. According to believers, god designed each and everything perfectly yet he failed to see how should he reveal his book ie free of all such faults as have been listed in this work. We are told that man did not evolve from other creatures rather he was created perfect by god without the need for evolution yet the book was not sent down as the perfect book rather god had to wait till people developed the language or till the language evolved to preserve it, or that god revealed it hastily ie while the language was yet undeveloped to preserve it perfectly. I do not wish to comment on each and every verse in the quran or any other scripture for that matter, because that would turn this work into a serious critical commentary on the holy scriptures rather than a general thought about it. One must remember the point that the story of origin of Muhammad, islam and quran etc must be judged in the context provided and that will help put things in the right places. The islamic sources are trying their best to cover up how islam as an organised religion came about and survived. I have pointed out here and there some ideas that would certainly help understand this very dangerous cult and perhaps that will help in getting ourselves rid of it.

One may ask, why Muhammad used too many obvious facts in the quran? One of my answers is, perhaps originally he was an ambitious man for himself and his destitute people so he wanted to stop his people from superstition as much as possible, for they were far too deeply involved therein. This in his opinion brought them poverty and suffering but he had to replace it with something similar ie he couldn’t do away with gods and religions altogether. This is why some people say to him, you are turning many gods into one and that is a very strange thing 38/5. The idea was to get people to realise to depend less on baseless assumptions and more on themselves, so that they could live a better life 38/5. However their tribal chiefs and religious leaders were not happy, so they did what muslim feudals and religious leaders do today ie they tell their followers to stay away from knowing things which make better sense or they order the murder of any such person who tries to show sense to people. This approach of Muhammad is very obvious from a lot of verses of the quran which explain natural phenomena the way they are observed by a sensible person.

He talks about winds (not gods) raising clouds, causing rain thereby giving rise to growth of things. Of course, the story is completely different if we read hadith books on same subjects. He talks about varieties of things and he points out that man is created weak and given strength and then again becomes weak. He tells them everything is created by one god. He argues that you do not need more than one god to do everything there is to be done. He tries to give them some purpose in life beside being poor and useless. As they gradually accept his ideas he begins to shift the goal post till they are able to rise as a powerful Arab nation. This is why there is nothing scientific in these verses for proof of divine revelation. He does not try to prove to them that there is a god and the proof is this are that, for most of them already believed in Allah but with partners and they were fully depended on them. They did not set up any goals for themselves to achieve and they had no leadership and that is what made the difference. In other words if one sets no goals for oneself then one has nothing to achieve and therefore sees no need to do anything.

Once one is made to see the reason and has seen the light of the day then things change. So when poor people saw Muhammad talking a lot of sense as compared to their tribal and religious leaders who were always trying to confuse them and to keep them in their place, they became convinced he was on their side though not for long. Of course, there is always need for such people everywhere all the time as could make the people see the reason. Especially those who are destitute and powerless, so that world could become a better place than it is. Most people were and are only good for so called their own self or their own people and so was Muhammad. We need some one who takes all people as his own. You don’t have to have the whole world as a single country under a single government in order to show concern for each other. Just like relatives we can live in our own houses yet can cooperate and help each other as the need dictates. All we need is good will towards each other at a wider scale of humanity rather than the kith and kin circle. If we did that the world will soon become a better place. We must learn from each other to better ourselves. We should not fall prey to nationalism and the like after getting rid ourselves of religious extremism.