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Surah 112 AL-IKHLAS-Proper understanding of God revealed concepts about himself and everything else is the foundation for a united, peaceful, progressive and prosperous human community in his kingdom so that mankind could have blissful, dignified and secure existence in this life as well as in life to come with help and full support of each other for fulfilling the purpose for which he created them and provided them with his program and guidelines and things to go with them.

This surah is named AL-IKHLAAS but word IKHLAAS is not even used in the surah at all. It proves the fact that surahs are not labelled for sake of it by randomly picking out a word from within a surah and sticking it up as a name for the surah. There is a definite purpose to it this is why not each and every surah is named by a word from within a surah. So what is the purpose of using word Ikhlaas as name of this surah? Unless one tries to understand the contents of the surah properly in context of the Quran it is not possible to explain it. The context of the Quran tells us that universe has a creator, sustainer and maintainer and that he created this kingdom for his own purposes or purpose and that purpose cannot be understood and fulfilled unless people use their provided things properly. It all begins with human mind that man must use his brain and senses to become aware of himself and aware of all the rest of things with which one is created to interact with rest of the things provided by God for a human being for realising the need for revelation and its proper understanding and acting upon it for his own peace, development and security. Unless one has reached that level of thinking through observing and learning things one is only an animal like other animals or even worse if one thinks there is no purpose to all this creation and creation of humanity. If one thinks rationally one will realise that coming about of anything into being is impossible unless something is already existing which gives rise to it. It is because cause and effect chain can only go so far back in time and absolute nothingness cannot give rise to anything at all or it will not be called absolute nothingness. In other words zero cannot equal one and one cannot equal to zero no matter what. Since creation is already there and cause and effect chain cannot go back in time forever therefore existence of some being cannot be denied. If one supposes that universe came out of nothingness without any creator then that is rationally impossible and even in real life it can never happen that something could come into being out of absolute nothingness. So it stands to reason that an ever existing being does exist as all things that have happened so far in the creation have followed some laws in the natural world. All this goes to show it is a planned creation by its creator for his own purpose. This is where in comes revelation of the creator ie the Quran for our time. The Quran proves beyond any reasonable doubt that it is from God because it explains all things in all essential detail about the creation as well as the mankind and God which mankind needed to know. This is why the Quran should be and can be interpreted in light of the creation or in light of real world realities. This is why the Quran can be tested for its truth against the real world realities. One is therefore bound to find the Quran fully rational and scientific and fully consistent through and through.

One has to ask, what is the case against existence of such a being? The case is nonsense religious make beliefs whereby people have been manipulated by each other but was that fault of humanity itself or its creator? A careful critical look at humanity itself will prove to oneself that it was humanity that was at fault because it did not pay attention to its individuals who manipulated God sent guidance and so it has been paying the price and it will continue doing so till it sorts its own self created mess. Due to lack of understanding of things (which people ought to know by observing things and learning from them for themselves properly because they have been given such powerful brains, senses and bodies to do exactly that) some people were able to abusively use others using whatever tricks or techniques and strategies or mechanisms they could come up with to use against each other. This in itself shows that mankind are very powerful creatures the way they manipulate each other. All they needed to do was question rulers, mullahs and money lenders etc and the truth would have become known. Now those people are less in numbers who use others abusively for their personal gains at the expense of human race and those who are used abusively are much greater in their numbers so no way the manipulators could get away with what they are doing to humanity as a whole. Why are people not protesting against the tricks, systems and mechanism these people have set up for using them abusively instead of blaming their creator and sustainer? Why they did not stop these people from manipulating the God sent scriptures by taking interest in them and studying them properly by themselves? If man has brain that can help him land on the moon then why cannot that brain figure out who is doing what and why in this game of abusive use of humanity? Does it not then come down to the fact that humanity itself is not really interested in finding out about what is really going on in the world? So the case against existence of creator and sustainer is a falsehood by mankind themselves to mask their own dirty games against each other. Due to deliberate manipulative misinterpretations and misrepresentations of God sent scripture people are giving their creator and sustainer a bad name which is not causing any harm to him but to themselves as billions of them suffer terribly and do not take steps to educate themselves despite all this. All this because man is doubting the very existence of his creator, sustainer and maintainer.

This surah is telling mankind that the being who revealed this message is there and that he is unique in the sense that he is only one of his kind and that he is the one upon whom depends all that exists for its sustenance and maintenance yet he depends upon none for his existence, sustenance and maintenance. It is therefore in the interest of humanity itself if it basis its human society upon his guidance to save itself from all sorts of troubles it creates for itself and then it suffers terribly itself by hands of each other. The Quran is therefore basis for a proper human community in the kingdom of God and avoiding the Quran and thinking people can create better world is only an unreal dream or a false hope because if that had been possible the Quran will have been proven false long ago and humanity will have been a proper human community already by now. The Quran repeatedly and clearly tells human beings there is no way to blissful, dignified and secure life for them other than the way they are told by God in the Quran as deen of Islam and if people will care to examine the contents of the Quran and human history by becoming knowledgeable people, they will find the Quran has proven true for last fourteen hundred plus years and it will keep on proving true forever because its program and its guidelines for a constitution and laws make perfect sense on the paper at least to begin with if one has learned sense of making proper sense of things for proper understanding of it. This is why only and only sincere, highly learned and thinking people can be supporters of the Quran not rulers, priests, money lenders and their touts, procurers or supporters who play their dirty games with humanity and that is what is going to ruin them as told in the Quran very clearly if they do not stop following the way of life they follow and make efforts to understand deen of Islam properly from the Quran and then adopt it faithfully. Religions are clearly false because they portray the creator, sustainer and maintainer of humanity in a very bad light which helps dirty game players instead of decent human beings. This is why the Quran puts forth a proper concept about God and the concept about the proper way of life for mankind if they wish to be united, peaceful, progressive and prosperous therefore free of worries and anxiety or insecurity. So this surah is all about purity of creator and purity of his creation as well as purity of humanity so that it is free from all sorts of harmful and destructive beliefs and practices.

The Quran is challenging religious make beliefs and false concepts about God and false reasons for creation of the universe and existence of mankind. It totally disapproves concept of a monstrous or a dirty God who is a tyrant and who has no set way of doing things or dealing with things. A God who is a moody being like a spoiled child and who says and does things randomly that make no sense whatsoever. It is all because religious people have created Gods for themselves on models of tyrannical human rulers or tricky and manipulative money lenders and mullas. This is why people of religious mindset, attitude and behaviour are so used to nonsense therefore the Quranic message does not make sense to them and the problem is likewise for the scientist and philosophers or other educated people because they come from the very same religious backgrounds so they think the Quran is same as what they had been brought up with. It is a case of once bitten twice shy ie they are taking their one bad experience in their lives to make all the rest of their life decisions based on that which is not the proper way to go. Had they instead questioned their priests and studied their scriptures themselves in their original texts they would have learned a lot of better things than living confused for all their lives and even dying confused. That only proves their education was not up to scratch because it did not help them guide themselves to certainty that was always staring them in their faces.

The other problem are atheists, they promote idea of creation without God. The question for them to answer for themselves is, if there was absolutely nothing at all there to begin with then where did all this come from because nothing could ever come from absolute nothingness? Since we are all here it means there was some being already there so there was never a moment when there was absolute nothingness. Now if idea of absolute nothingness is impossible for things to start from then that means there surely was something there that started all this what we see all around us. The other problem with atheist scientists is, they think God is far too complex an entity and universe ought to be started by something simple. This idea is also absolute nonsense. It is because whatever started this universe could never be something simple. Why not?

It is because to begin with one has to ask oneself, how can something that is ever existent be simple? Or for that matter how could anything that did not exist already come into being out of absolute nothingness and yet be called simple? Therefore something that is this capable must be complex enough to be so. Not only that, how can a nonliving thing become complex all by itself when anything that is lifeless stays as it is forever because it is supposed to be in state of rest? Not only that if something is simple and yet it can become complex then it ought to have potential to be so therefore it cannot be categorised as simple. It is like a tiny seed of a giant tree that looks small but has all it needs to be a fully grown up tree given the needed time and conditions. Not only that, that something has to be living but it also has to be intelligent enough and must have sufficient information within itself to be what it is. So one can see as we raise such like more and more questions the simple thing we started with is becoming more and more complex just like God as describes in the Quraan with so many attributes or properties or features or characteristics or qualities. It is because self existence is one thing which requires its own necessities but to give rise to other things and sustain and maintain them has its own requirements or necessities therefore such a thing cannot be simple at all. Looking at the universe, the being who has brought about all this had to have all the attributes the Quraan has describes in it. This is how we can go on and on about God in our minds and that gradually builds the picture of a creator, sustainers and maintainer as told about in the Quraan. This is why assuming a Godless existence and promoting that falsehood is costing humanity dearly in shape of terrible painful existence which people are forcing or inflicting upon each other due to their self imposed ignorance, foolishness and stupidity. This surah also puts to rest for good the idea of family of God or God having a family of his own. Not only that, it clearly tells mankind the fact that none is like unto him at all. So anyone who believes in the idea of God having parents or children or siblings etc is absolutely ignorant or foolish who needs to learn sense of making proper sense of things. Not only that but this surah also makes it absolutely clear that all human beings are a family or a brotherhood of humanity under rule of law of one true God and they have no right to be or become Gods or master of each other by enslaving each other in the kingdom of God. Therefore all human beings must live by program and guidelines of God for a proper constitution and its laws alone, so they must not have their own make belief purpose of life for themselves or the way of life to fulfil that purpose in opposition or in parallel to what God has revealed for humanity as a whole or they should be ready to face the consequences as told in the Quran. This is called SHIRK or ascribing or becoming partners with God. This partnership is different from that which is between God and human beings as members of the same party that stands for same goal or objective or mission. Unity of purpose or goal between God and human beings is not termed as SHIRK or polytheism. This is a mission or goal or objective or purpose based partnership. God is supposed to do his bit and man is supposed to do his bit so that end goal could become accomplished or fulfilled.

The Quraan strictly forbids master slave relationship between mankind because to be master of anything one has to have right of ownership. The Quraan repeatedly tells mankind the fact that none is owner of anything at all in this universe other than God himself alone. Human beings are given things to manage and use them as told by God to ensure well being of themselves with help and full support of each other. This is why anyone and everyone who claims or accepts anyone owner of anything at all other than God is a polytheist according to the Quraan. This is why those who take others for their slaves or those who behave as masters of others are not Muslims in light of the Quranic teaching. Negative competition is absolutely forbidden between human beings whereby some try to dominate others for personal gains at the expense of each other by undermining each other. One has to think as to where can this kind of negative competition lead humanity if all people did this to each other all the time. What kind of human world will come about as a result of such a mindset, attitude or behaviour? This is why people must stop living this way and start living by way of life advised by God for them whereby they help and support each other fully for ensuring well being of each and everyone anywhere and everywhere in the kingdom of God. In direct contrast to that one has to think if everyone lived that way what kind of human world will come about as a result. So one can see how comprehensive this surah is in what it is trying to convey to humanity as a whole. It is telling people to be seriously sincere human beings and not live like animals or worse and suffer needlessly instead learn sense and turn this world into a living paradise and get rewarded for doing so with yet another life in hereafter.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] Saying, He is Allah the one and only of His kind who has sole right to rule the universe by virtue of being its creator, sustainer and maintainer.

2] Allah is eternal and absolute

3] He begets not so none can inherit His kingdom nor is He begotten so he did not inherit this kingdom from anyone else,

4] because none is like unto Him therefore He is only one of His kind, the sole ruler of this universe.

This surah explains things about one true God and his relationship with human beings. It is not a relationship based upon kith and kin but ideological and purpose based. In relationships based upon reproduction processes thing only reproduce things almost like themselves ie they are almost carbon copies of each other. This is how things live on in their future generations. This is not the case with God because his survival is not at stake. What is at stake is his will to express himself and its recognition by something else other than himself that is also intelligent and creative and to a degree like himself. This is the purpose man has to serve for God and he will and time and work of man will prove that. So in a way God had the urge as a living being to produce something that is somewhat like him in some sense to some degree. This is why he ended up creating mankind something like himself ie a mini creator in his own right provided he is given all the necessary tools and materials to work with to fulfil his God given mission or to carry out his God given task or assignment. This is how ideological relationship is formed between God as a creator, sustainer and maintainer and human beings as his creatures that have intellectual capacity like that of God himself to a very small degree. This is why God has provided mankind with tools and materials and guidance to show their creative ability or capacity and capability. This is why the first step in this process for mankind is to become self aware to a reasonable degree then explore the universal realities to become aware of them to a reasonable degree and then understand revelation of God to a reasonable degree to have a reasonably complete sense of things to a reasonable degree. After having all this knowledge one is then able to use all that is provided by God for mankind properly by forming a proper human community in the kingdom of God under rule of law of God. Only then people can get ready and go for seeing the creative capabilities of God throughout the universe to recognise how great their creator, sustainer and maintainer God is. This is how mankind are going to become aware of the fact that mankind are truly a masterpiece produced by God. All this involves a lot of hard work by mankind and it is going to take countless generations of mankind to get there. One can therefore see if God is a real being or just another God created by human imagination in human image. This explanation shows that God cannot reproduce his kind that is why he ended up creating human beings so mankind are his ideological children if you like and whole of this creation is a kind of his family. He wanted something like himself so he decided to put mankind through all this trouble that he has. It shows his love for mankind but he cannot show that love against his plan for which he created mankind. The concept of God in the Quran is a very different one from all other concepts because God portrayed by the Quran is even though independent in his existence is not totally free of desires that are consistence with his nature of being and what he has done. If we do not accept desires for God that he has expressed in the Quran then why God will do anything at all or care for anything at all? It will not matter whether he is just or unjust, good or bad, cruel or compassionate etc etc. The planning of the creation and setting up processes, systems, mechanisms and laws etc all point to a God who is a very concerned God and to whom this creation really means the most. The Quranic God is infinite in his existence ie he has no beginning or end but not infinite in everything ie he does have limitations as a God. He cannot create another God, he cannot kill himself, he cannot count to highest possible number, he cannot create a rock that he cannot lift himself, he cannot know things he cannot know. In short he cannot be what he cannot be, he cannot have what he cannot have, he cannot use what he cannot use and he cannot do what he cannot do. Once God decides to do something and plans for it and starts actualising his plan then all things which may stop him from completing this process become impossible for God to do. This is why no matter what people seek of God if it is against completion of his process or plan and purpose then that he cannot grant to anyone. When God says in the Quran ask me for things, he means things which are part of his own plan and purpose which somehow move things in the direction God has set for things. Only mullahs imaginary God can do anything and everything and is unlimited in every sense and therefore he can have children and parents or brothers and sisters etc etc. For all that one has to turn for guidance to Hindu, Parsee and Christian etc priests and their interpretations of their scriptures. The God of the Quran only created what he could look after ie there is a limit to what God can create and look after because God cannot create anything infinite. Mullahs have borrowed a lot of nonsense about God from outside the teachings of the Quran or his revealed messages. Regardless this surah wants people to be sincere and serious about living properly in this world. A person is not and cannot be sincere if one’s mind is all over the place ie if one is confused due to various flawed or contradictory thoughts.