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I think it is of vital importance to understand where does the secular democratic world stand at present, what are its objectives, where do muslim states come into its equation and what muslims should be doing to ensure a descent place in the new world order. There is no doubt in my mind that reform is on the march for the betterment of mankind but people need to be on their guard when it comes to divisive issues. For example, we are not in opposition to religious intolerance just for sake of it but that it really ruins lives. However, lives are also ruined by various other prejudicial and discriminatory elements which need to be monitored and frameworks need to be put in place to deal with them effectively and efficiently eg issue of sexual orientation, gender, race, colour, nationality, caste and class etc are equally detrimental to the development of the people disadvantaged by such discriminations. We in the democratic world need to be fully aware of such facts and ensure that democratic governments in the world are doing their part without any reservations.

As for as organised religion is concerned, I have made it quite clear that it is impossible to prove a tribal organised religion as a heavenly appointed way of life for mankind to live by. The reasons I have given are: no clearcut proof whatsoever or the clearcut way of proving it. Suppose you want to travel to moon and there is no way to do so, can you travel to moon or is it even possible without such ways and means? The answer is, no. Likewise if there is no clearcut way to prove existence of god, divine message or prophethood then no such claims can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt ie it is impossible to prove any such claim. So why waste life because of such baseless things. The verses in the quran, the reports in the hadith books and the decisions (fatwas) in the fiqh books have always been interpreted in different ways to the satisfaction of the so called scholars in the diverse muslim community, which is full of sects. So if the scriptural text is so vague and incomplete and purposeless then there is no possibility of it being word of god therefore the whole thing is a farce.

It is therefore only and only right for muslims to show lack of interest in organised religion and organised religious authorities ie mullahs and mufties etc. Moreover muslims should support nonreligious organisations and governments so that they could bring about the needed changes to a whole muslim country for the betterment of its people. Muslims living abroad as minorities in democratic states could also bring pressure on their national governments to pressurise muslim states’ governments to take the necessary steps to control and eliminate religious fervor, extremism and hatred. They can do so by limiting or cutting off state funds to religious organisations and laying down rules with regard to preaching and gatherings etc. The donations muslims and nonmuslims make to muslim charitable organisation and mosques in muslim countries or abroad for helping the poor end up in such peoples’ pockets as use them for promotion of islam by all means including terrorism. People should be funded for education that matters in this life as I have already explained. We must try and help people to stand on their own feet so that they do not run out of their own countries for oppressive or economic reasons. They should be able to earn a descent livelihood where they are and they should be able to believe what they think is right without any fear of any consequences. We should no longer tolerate any kind of terrorism, oppression, brutality, ignorance, unemployment, poverty, disease and crime etc etc in the name of religion, politics, economics, society, culture, race, nationalism and colour etc etc.

If anyone believes that USA or any other secular democratic state for that matter is perfect in all respects, he is not right. There is still a long way to go because there are still a lot of injustices and crimes taking place in such countries yet these are the best countries in the world. These countries need to be strong within and without against all other states that are more authoritarian than themselves or that majority of their people believe in having some sort of more authoritarian regimes. This is the reason the USA and its allies do not allow such states to have things their way or to live in peace the while they pose severe threat to humanitarianism even in their own states and even to their own people. Most severe threat comes from tribal religions and backward cultural based governments and people in general and from islamic states and muslims in particular. This is the reason that we see USA supporting authoritarianism in such countries ie because some people in those states would start civil wars in order to get their own way rather than solving the issue by open and free debate. All muslim societies are closed shops therefore they need to be broke opened so that a culture could be fostered wherein people could discuss their beliefs and practices freely.

Each and every person and state has its own self interest and agenda at heart and the USA and her allies are not any different but they are not suppressing individual freedom of expression by killing innocent people in their own states or by locking them up for good. These people do not want animosity but friendship with other people. If USA was only and only interested in robbing other states it would have robbed its allies because they are the rich countries and not as strong as USA. Likewise if USA wanted to finish off poor or extremist countries altogether it could have but it knows that it does not serve humanity to do so. Whatever is happening in islamic societies through out the world is looked at with regret by most of the people in the secular democratic world but what can anyone do to make a people change their minds for their own good. These people who have strong religious and cultural convictions were not created by secular democratic world but by their own backgrounds through indoctrination of their own clergy who are paid by their own feudals etc. When people whom you trust ie your parents, family, ancestors, teachers and society etc if they fill your minds with poison against women and children of their own or humanity at large it takes time for strangers to become trustable people. How can a muslims woman believe her father, brother, husband or son is bad if an American tells her so because they abuse her human rights? The education systems in muslim dominated states are mostly organised religion and tribal cultural based because that is what people want. If the state government interferes people would start civil wars. So even though the regime may pretend to be secular because it needs to deal with outside world yet people in the state who speak out are not hence there is always atmosphere of mistrust, power struggle and instability in all the muslim and backward states. These people who want their own state to be religion or cultural based yet do whatever it takes to go and live in a secular democratic state and are not ashamed to benefit from developments in various fields. Men of Pakistani origin living in USA or UK etc etc still want their mothers, sisters and wives to live as if they are still living in Pakistan fifty years back or worse in 7th century Arabia.

They blame the USA and the other secular democratic states for their problems but are not trying to realise why these countries cannot help them to build themselves because they are treated the enemy number one. If you preach day and night that you and your religious system of government is superior and that secular democratic system is your enemy then why should you expect it to help you stand on your own feet? Would muslims help build a strong christian state or a secular democratic state? Think about it. The clash of ideologies or values is so obvious yet why the people who claim to be cleverest ie muslims pretend they do not understand? The USA and its allies make it perfectly clear that they have certain value for living in this life and those civilised values they wish to share with mankind just like muslims who have the similar agenda for promoting tribal islamic or barbaric feudal values like killing of apostates or adulterers etc etc and keeping slavery and barbarism alive. Just as muslims are trying to promote islamic imperialism so are the secularist democrats trying to expand their influence. And any sensible person knows that it is civilised values that would ultimately succeed not islamic values because they are barbaric and are better left confined to history. Islam as an organised tribalism is for oppression, suppression, poverty and for powerless people to live simple lives but USA and its allies are for cooperation, stability, progress and prosperity of all. When some people are forced by others to live simple lives they do not live long in such societies but progress has made it possible that all people in the free world are now living better and longer. Islam is organised for dividing people, oppressing minorities and limiting freedom of individuals completely, USA is for unity (based on cooperation), equality, fairness and freedom (as much as possible limited only by speed and extent of peace, progress and prosperity). Islam is for terrorising individuals to submission (eg muslims, nonmuslims, apostates, thieves, adulterers etc), USA is for compassion for individuals.

Muslims raise objections about values which USA stands for very often eg why Palestinian and Israelis are treated differently? The answer is obvious that muslims never accepted that Palestine issue was a Palestinian Israeli conflict. They always polarized all state conflicts into global islamic conflicts. When you do that then it becomes an issue between secular democracy and tribalism, because one stands for values good for mankind and the other for barbaric islamic values that only and only suit feudals or monarchs in states like Saudi Arabia as explained elsewhere. If muslims give up their barbaric values and animosity of secular democratic values today the things will begin to change for muslims for the better the very next day. So long as this struggle between ideologies continues there is no chance for peace, stability, progress and prosperity of people who live by wrong values which they take to be the right values fit for the future without any open and free discussion or debate even amongst themselves. We muslim individuals are not allowed to express our opinions about islam and its values freely or openly and that says a lot about freedom and security islam provides for individuals who may at some stage in their life disagree with what they have been brought up to believe. Till people like us are allowed to think freely and express themselves openly without any fear or favour, secular democrats must not ease pressure on extremist individual muslims, organisations or their states. These people must be stopped at any cost from obtaining or developing any weapons of mass destruction. Because by their very attitude they are capable of destroying the world. People should not look at these thugs with sympathy because they are bursting with rage against secular democratic masses who wish only and only what is good for them. There propaganda war and crocodile tears should be understood in the context I have explained. We must never be stupid enough to let our guards down against people like these, the real imperialists, the enemies of mankind.


The great majority of people in Britain believe in secular democracy in principle. The only British people who do not believe in this principle are muslims. They believe in religious state run by an islamic government. The Britains who believe in secular political system in principle are pushing for its acceptance by muslims whereas muslims believe they are here to convert them to islam, the organised tribalism or imperialism. The clash of ideologies is therefore evident. Muslims are always suspicious that nonmuslims have a secret or hidden agenda against muslims, which they obviously don’t. Likewise muslims do not hide their ideology or intention. Secular democratic political system was already there when muslims came to this country but islamic ideology was imported here much later by muslims after they came to this country. Muslims came to Britain for only and only material benefits and that is an undeniable fact. It is sad to see that the purpose which brought them to this country has been lost because of the introduction of religious element in their lives. They are told by their religious leaders to replace their original objective of earning a descent living for themselves by bringing the message of islam to the local community. Since both parties want to convert each other to their own side there is a serious problem.

A problem which most people may over look or not realise. India was created on the principles of British democracy which hindu religious extremists nearly destroyed but MOHINDAS KARAMCHAND Gandhi the real humanist lost his life in the process. Seeing hindu extremism Pakistan was created on the same premises by MUHAMMAD ALI Jinnah but he did not live long enough to realise his dream of secular democratic state of Pakistan either. He wanted all people of this state to live with each other as equal citizens of the state. The muslim extremists turned secular Pakistan of Jinnah into an Arab province. Word PAKISTAN was chosen to mean a state that was free of all faults like ignorance, unfairness, extremism, unemployment, crime, and disease etc etc. He never meant a state of holy people of islamic origin, for he believed in secular humanist values just like Gandhi. It is these Pakistanis who have come to the West for better life yet wish to turn the West into an Arabian province. It worries me greatly that if the West does not wake up to these people’s agenda in time it may be too late in next few generations the way muslim population is increasing in the west. These people are trying to keep water tight control over their children so that they do not lose them through interaction with the host community.

People who promote secular democracy wish to pursue the matter by educating their opponents regarding the ideology. For example, they clearly state that they are not against any religion or culture including islam but that they wish to give everybody the equal right in this matter ie that a muslim and nonmuslim, man and woman must have equal rights and responsibilities in their daily lives as equal citizens of the state. That politics must be left to politicians rather than religious leaders of any particular faith. That the religious affairs are to be left to religious leaders of individual faiths. It makes sense to anyone who has any sense but? Does it make any sense to muslims of the west? The answer is no. Muslims do not want to take any part in this discussion or debate. Why not? Because it is against their faith to accept secular democracy in principle, for islam is an all embracing religion and politics cannot be divorced from it. This is how far the debate goes or can go. If you talk about democracy, according to some muslims it is not allowed in islam the while according to some other muslims it is allowed if it is an islamic democracy. And that is how far this debate goes or can go in that direction. Muslims must convert people to their religion and establish an islamic state whereever they are so that they could fully implement and live by islamic code for life in that state. They would enter debate with other people in respect of other religions or politics and would not be hesitant in criticising them to the full but as soon as nonmuslims raise criticism about islam and muslims, suddenly, muslims become offended and take to the streets. This is obvious because no muslim is allowed to change his mind about islam ie once a muslim has to remain a muslim or face the fatwa as an apostate for death and destruction as a consequence of the hands of muslims. This clearly shows how islam was spread by forced conversions and reconversions.

Islam clearly gives muslims the order to practice their religion to the full and if anyone stops them from doing that they must fight till oppression is no more so that religion of Allah is practiced to the full without hindrance. This is so called the defensive jihad which in reality is offensive because islam by this very rule does not allow muslims to coexist in peace with other people. In a secular democratic state muslims are bound to face opposition because of individual’s human rights and responsibilities in general, which are against islam. Islam does not accept that an apostate has any right to live after giving up islamic faith. Islam does not give equal rights to women in various aspects in life eg shares of two daughters in their father’s wealth or property are equal to a son ie a sister gets half of what a brother gets. Testimony of two women is equal to a single man and that women only witnesses are not acceptable at all. Islamic punishments are another example but I do not wish to repeat what I have already stated in my earlier writings. This clearly shows that secular democratic societies can never give religious people their full rights, particularly if they clash with civilised values. Since islam orders muslims to fight if they are not given the total freedom to practice their religion to the full, it creates a dangerous situation or scenario, which if allowed to continue unchecked and uncontrolled would bring about a lot of trouble if not death and destruction.

Islam is dangerous because it is based on the quran which upholds tribalism and imperialism. The quran as is taught by various sunny sect muslims is word of god with out any kind of possibility of error and it must be followed to the full. Muslims are not allowed to criticise the quran and the quran contains terrorising commandments which are against what most civilised human beings believe in, so how do we handle this organised religion and its indoctrinated followers? It is an unchallengeable fact that whereever there are muslims they isolate themselves from the nonmuslims ie they do not mix with nonmuslims but for converting them to islam. They do not allow nonmuslims to mix with them either unless they want to discuss islam for converting to it. In fact if they are left on their own they end up isolated in a nonmuslim environment because: A) They wish to live near mosques. B) They wish to live near their religious schools if they have any for their children or near such schools as least expose their children to nonmuslim influences. This is even more important when it comes to their daughters. It also allows muslims to stick together for all the wrong reasons. So it becomes obvious why these people do not and cannot integrate. Of course, there are other factors like racism as well but they can be overcome, for they are ignorance and prejudice based not intransigent imperialist religion based ideologies. To overcome any religious ideology we must get help and cooperation of other people who oppose it . They must help because if they don’t then if one such religious or sectarian ideology takes over the state, that will make life hell for all the rest of them.

It is to our advantage to stick together against anyone who wishes to take full control of everyone else. We should not encourage or support single faith, single race, single colour, single culture or single sex schools which isolate people from each other for no good reasons. Moreover it gives people another chance to indoctrinate children rather than letting them grow and develop in critical faculty for reaching the truth of the matter in any case but particularly in case of imperialistic or tribal religion and culture. Religion needs to be studied but for finding the truth behind it not for raising fanatics and lunatics. We must always take steps to help knowledge and integration not ignorance and segregation or isolation. Moreover it is wrong to blame all Asians when it is muslims who are the trouble makers. All Asians are not muslims. Muslims are the trouble makers because their lives are based around a barbarian religion and culture in all respects. They want other people to create jobs for them in the areas where they live. The jobs that are in accordance with their religious beliefs. It is difficult enough to create jobs and even more so to create jobs in a particular area or according to somebody’s religion. Jobs come from inventions, their modifications, their mass productions and their mass distributions etc etc which of these things muslims are doing themselves according to their religion and cultures? How many islamic countries are doing well in the world?

It is easy for them to blame their political leaders whereas whenever they want to make any advance in any innovative direction they are condemned for being materialists and therefore against religion. Yet when these very people find no means for survival they make demands of their political leaders for material goods. Where are those material things going to come from which you need if you don’t create them for yourself? Has any mullah or allaama any answers? To live in material world you need material things to survive because you are a material being. If you were really a spiritual being you wouldn’t need material food or things. So why pretend you are spiritualist? If you quack like a duck and if you look like a duck then you are a duck and not an elephant. So stop being stupid by pretending what you are not and what you cannot be. You need to learn to meet your needs yourself. If god or mullah met your needs you wouldn’t be in the state that you find yourself in. You need food then you need to learn to produce it. The more food you need the more technical know how you need to learn so that you could meet your needs.

For this you need such people and institutions as teach such technologies not mosques and mullahs which waste your time and your brain through indoctrination. I already have raised enough arguments about the quran and the way it contradicts the real world as it is by its very nature ie the way the quran portrays or depicts the world is incompatible with life in this world the way it is. So don’t waste your chances through your own stupidity. In the west people are trying hard to make ends meets except muslims and the like who want other people to do things for them. Even if any does it there is no thanks instead there is condemnation for being materialist. What a bunch of ungrateful lunatics. Such people need to be contained or there is a real danger for unrests to develop. People who do not realise such serious contradictions in their religious scriptures are either mentally ill or that they have not yet developed their critical faculty because of their ignorance which they do not let go.

Reforming islam through reinterpretations of the quran and hadith etc is not possible., because you cannot give the quranic text the sense that it cannot accommodate. How can you turn a chicken into a turkey? The sunny and shia differences are about the actual text of the quran not mere interpretational differences. The secular democratic political system is at odds with the islamic political system, for that is imperialistic. Other religions are not good examples in this matter because people of those religions went through hell before things got better. Is this what we want to go through? We obviously don’t but then what is the alternative? I think we need to force knowledge onto muslims till they see the light of the day. We must criticise the quran, the hadith, the fiqh and the muslims without fear and favour till they realise the truth about their religion. If they close their door on us we should smash it open and carry on till our message of peace and love for all finally gets through. Only and only then mullahs’ following could dwindle which could then force them to accept the fact that religion could only be guidance for those who wish to follow it and only in spiritual matters.

I have written many pages here on the basic principles so that one could see that the religion is not connected to the real world in general and that all clashes between people are basically ideological clashes. These conflicts of interest underpin all conflicts within all societies. The only difference is that conflict between secular democratic system of government and islamic system of government has become uncompromiseable and therefore one must defeat the other as a matter of principle. Once this conflict is over then there would not be any more threat to world peace and security because all other conflict are compromiseable in principle. What I am trying to say is that when people themselves invent an ideology and they believe it is so then they are in a position to compromise by give and take, for they can speak for themselves. If a people invent an ideology and spread it as a divine will then they take themselves out of the equation of negotiations, replacing themselves with the idea of a god with whom one cannot negotiate or compromise because there is no one to negotiate with. Hence it is more dangerous because the whole proposition becomes impossible and so it has to be one or the other.

If muslims get their hands on weapons of mass destruction they will hold the world to ransom because of their uncompromiseable stance. So this is a good time to get them to see sense because they are a weak people. As I already made clear that I do not wish to see any human being suffer but then we are all a part of the real world in which some times we need to do bad things as well so that we could open the way for doing the good in the future. Once we educate our fellow muslims even if by force to make them see the real world then islam will no longer be a force that is destroying millions of innocent lives, nor will it be any threat any more ever. Countries like Turkey should be supported fully to undermine islam and muslims in order for secular democracy to take roots and to become stronger for the rest of muslim states as an example. The idea is to take out the nonsense called islamic imperialism from amongst ourselves so that we could live in peace with each other and make progress and bring prosperity to ourselves through out the world. Once poor muslim states turn themselves around countries like China would not sit idle, it too would embrace the western system to benefit itself. People are people, they are material beings and their needs are also material things so whatever people will see working for them they will adapt to it and adopt it if they were free from spiritual obstructions and undue exploitation. This is why I am very sure that we are going to be very successful in this venture of bringing freedom, fairness, integration, peace and prosperity to the world.

.I have come to the end of this section on religious criticism, which I found very easy as compared to the next section which I find very difficult but I still wish to do it. The reason for difficulty of the next section is that we need to find some values for human society for future to live by that are not based on religion, social, cultural or political expedience. They need to be free of undue greed, prejudices and bias. They must ensure peace amongst mankind, cooperation, progress and prosperity. We need a healthy, wealthy, safe and secure happy human society that is at ease within itself. So one can see it is not an easy task at all but I will do what I can to initiate or participate in the discussion. My ideas for the future of mankind may not be the best but it is better to discuss things than to leave them alone. I also invite the readers to participate in this debate whole heartedly so that we may realise problems which face us and so we may look for their solutions. I can only wish the reader good luck with the search and a happy and prosperous life.