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Surah 111 AL-LAHAB–Way of life invented and enforced upon masses by rulers, priests and money lenders ignites fire of hatred between people that leads to harms and destructions of humanity by hands of each other because it is based upon foundation of personal gains at the expense of each other as opposed to way of life advised for mankind by God for ensuring their well being through help and full support of each other so that they could fulfil the purpose for which he has created them.

This surah is named AL-LAHAB because it deals with fire of hatred that is ignited and spread by rulers, priests, money lenders, their touts and supporters through ways of life they invent, promote and enforce which lead to more and more divisions, rivalries and animosities between human beings because they are all based upon foundation of personal gains at the expense of each other as opposed to way of life advised by God for mankind to live by so that they could ensure well being of humanity as a whole with help and full support of each other as a proper human community in kingdom of God so that thereby they could fulfil the purpose for which God created human beings and all the rest.

ABU LAHAB is not any particular person but any individual who invents and enforces upon others such beliefs and practices which create divisions, rivalries, hatred, animosity, fights and wars between mankind. Way of life advised for mankind by God is for bringing people closer to each other as a brotherhood of humanity under one true God. This clearly defines who is truly man of God and human friendly and who is enemy of God and humanity. ABU LAHAB is any person who is at the forefront of all that is harmful and destructive for humanity. In other words he or she is all that which is or can be wrong with humanity ie evil personified or Satan or adversary of all those who call or invite mankind towards way of life advised by God. Such a harmful and destructive person is not on his own but has a following or support as well. In other words ABU LAHAB has to be a ruler or a priest or a money lender or a leading person or a person who has influence over others or who can mislead or misguide others by way of misinformation and disinformation etc.

Regardless the Quraan tells mankind the influence such people command over others will decline and finally disappear as time goes on and people make efforts to learn things to understand their world better and better. Deen of Islam will eventually take over minds of people once people have had enough time and knowledge about things to know the difference between the truth and the falsehood or the right and the wrong or what is really good for them and what is really bad for them. This is how all ways of life people invent and live by which are based upon foundation of personal gains at the expense of each other will run out of steam and deen of Islam will gradually take over minds of mankind worldwide. However while this period of mass ignorance lasts human world will never see unity, peace, progress and prosperity at full speed. Things will move very, very slowly during this period of time but they will keep on moving in the right direction always. In other words clock will never turn backwards. Those who harbour harmful and destructive ambitions and desires against God and humanity will ultimately perish in their rage and ultimately the way of life advised by God will prevail as people learn sense of making proper sense of things and start discovering what is true and right and push for living by it.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] The rule of father of hatemongering and his supporters is bound to come to its end and so will come to his end the father of hatemongering himself.

Any ruler who lives by way of life based upon foundation of personal gains at the expense of each other is supported by two other arms or parties a)priesthood and b)money lenders. Priesthood keeps masses confused about God and his revelations by telling people wrong beliefs and practices. So due to wrong concepts about God and this world which they get from their priestly classes or religious elite, masses waste a lot of their valuable time in trying to please God in wrong ways in order to get their wishes from him. All because priests tell people all things are in hands of God and he gives them to whomever he pleases. However all this does not work for them but it works fine for their manipulators or abusive users ie rulers, mullas and money lenders etc because when masses do not get their wishes from God as they expect by trying their best for pleasing their imaginary Gods because that is what they have been told by their priests, people blame God for all their ills or problems. However the fact is, people are supposed to learn sense of making proper sense of things so that when they have message of God in their hands they are able to make proper sense of it by themselves so that then they could follow it through faithfully. In other words people are supposed to be workers of God who are supposed to carry out works God has told them to carry out as his servants or workers or agents. The question is, what kind of works are they supposed to carry out? They are supposed to organise themselves as a proper human community on basis of a constitution based upon guidelines of God and they are supposed to regulate themselves by laws based upon guidelines of God in order to carry out the program given to them by God so that the purpose for which God has created them and its necessities become fulfilled. All this means proper management of people and resources as well as means of production and distribution so that needs and wants of people could become fulfilled to begin with. It is because before anything else a human beings’ life is most important as well as its necessities for his existence or survival. It is because if a human being does not or cannot live then there is nothing else a human being can accomplish or think and do. That is why this issue must be dealt with before anything else. This is why struggling or fighting for ensuring one’s reasonable survival is true worship of God provided one does not go overboard to needlessly take away God given rights of others. This is why there is no concept of anyone owning anything in this world other than God in deen of Islam. People are managers of all that is created by God according to guidance of God for ensuring well being of all human beings everywhere in his kingdom. Beside mullas money lenders are also hand of rulers whereby rulers control livelihood of masses and that way they all together make masses their slaves by fooling them in various ways by using their ideological, social, political, cultural and economic tricks and mechanisms. These are major mechanisms and tricks whereby illiterate, uneducated and unthinking masses are controlled by rulers, money lenders and mullahs. Rulers, mullahs and money lenders together play a huge role in indoctrinating or brainwashing or conditioning masses with help of their control over mass media etc. This is why so called places of worship of God are actually dens of devils. It is because through these places controllers of humanity manage masses mentally ie these are the places they use to indoctrinate people. This is why they fund them because this way they can stay in business. People in power try their ultimate best to manipulate each and every person or society so that cloud of darkness of ignorance keeps all under its cover for as long as it is possible for them to do so. The day masses become aware of what has been going on these people who have been doing all this to them will run for their lives because masses can take back control from these people at any time they like by educating each other about things they need to know for discovering the actual truth. Till then rulers, money lenders and mullahs can remain secure due to cloud of darkness of ignorance they have created over masses due to laziness of masses who are not bothered with learning things which can set them free. Nonetheless light of knowledge is bound to shine one day and when that happens, cloud of darkness of ignorance will disappear. While cloud of darkness is still there people are not given the time to think and do what is true or right. They either have not enough to live on so they are constantly made to work needlessly or even if they given some respite, the ignorant masses waste their time in useless entertainments set up for them by their manipulators to not to give them time to think and do what is true and right. Useless debates are held between people who claim to believe in God and those who claim they do not or between people of different religions and sects of same religion. In these debates the real thing ie the scripture revealed by God is left aside and people question makes beliefs and useless practices of each other. The real point of discussion between people should be proper interpretation of the alleged God revealed scripture. None of the scientists, philosophers or mullas has any idea how to make proper sense of an actual God revealed scripture. If we do not know how to do something then how can we do it? This is why anyone who talks about God revealed scripture must first prove s/he knows the proper way to understand the God sent scripture. Not knowing this and wasting one’s own time and time of others is not the right way to debate the issue of existence of God and guidance of God for humanity. So from all this, one should be able to clearly see that there are some basic hurdles to be overcome before things could make proper sense to us human beings. This is why we must learn about problems that face us in this regard as well as come up with their solutions. Once we have reached that stage then we can discuss and debate these issues properly. Till then we should keep on learning things we need to learn in order to prepare ourselves the best we can for the next stage in this regard.

2] His power and wealth or all that he has strived for will secure him not forever.

Life in this world is very limited for all human beings regardless they are people of God or not. However people of God live for carrying out or fulfilling program of God given to them by God while their opponents live as they please. Attention is drawn here to the point that even if each of the opponents of God had a great life in this world, it will still come to a definite end so where is sense in living by any way of life one invents oneself instead of following the way of life advised by God when that way of life can definitely deliver the best life standard possible for all human beings which no other way of life can?

3] Soon he himself will suffer painful agonising existence as a result of fire of hatred he has ignited and spread,

Anyone who digs a hole for others will fall in it oneself one day. It is not a good idea to ignite fires of hatred or sow seeds of wars between people because all human beings are part of humanity or human society that is fully interlinked and interdependent. If human society deteriorates or goes bad then that badness will keep on expanding and could one day affect the one who started all this. As they say, what goes round comes round. So do not send round things which you will not be happy to receive back when they come back to you after going round the full circle. In short more and more dangerous people make their world to live in, the more and more dangerous it will become for themselves to live in therefore where is sense in living by any way of life that makes the world a more or most dangerous place when mankind have a way of life that can help them make this world into a living paradise for themselves instead of a hell hole?

4] and so will experience painful anguish his faction that backs him up, the follower of harmful and destructive beliefs and practices,

A proper human society or team or company or companionship or fellowship or party or faction or class or section or body or partnership or alliance or community or organisation or association or league or union or circle cannot come about just because of one person rather all people who wish to be a community or team must play their part appropriately to bring about such a union or coalition or community etc. This means a people ought to have an ideology or common goal as basis to gather upon and to regulate themselves according to laws which are consistent with the goal or the ideology. On the other hand people can just do what they like and things they do and the way they do them will put them in same categories. So people who ignite fire of hatred between people or they do things to spread that fire of hatred between people can be categorised as same people or like minded people even if they act as individuals. Their actions or the way they do things will place them in same group as supporters or backers of each other. People who think and do what is right the right way they too are placed in very same category even if they act as individuals. However when people act together as one people then they can be labelled as leaders and supporters or a party or team or community etc. However people always face consequences of what they think about each other and what they do to each other so the Quraan throughout warns people against thinking against each other or doing things against each other because rivalries lead to divisions or rift and conflicts or fight and wars. This is why those who ignite or spread fire of hatred between people can never escape its consequences no matter what. Likewise people who push for harmony between people will reap rewards for thinking and doing that.

5] which will act like a strangling loop of a rope of palm-leaf fibre around its neck unless it accepts program and guidelines of Allah for a proper constitution and its laws to live by.

Here the Quraan is clearly telling people, you harvest what you sow ie you cannot escape results of your thoughts and actions against each other as a people because harmful and destructive thoughts and actions of people against each other are like a loop of a strangling rope used for strangling a person to a slow death over a period of time. Such societies as are unproductive due to taking up baseless beliefs and useless practices end up strangling themselves slowly out of existence in a very painful way.

This surah explains the reality of the way of life which rulers, priests and money lenders invent, support, promote and enforce by all ways and means at their disposal. Allah is telling mankind that this is not the proper way for mankind to live by because it does not lead to unity therefore peaceful living to bring opportunities for mankind to make progress and prosper to maximum possible degree. The power struggle between rulers and masses is part of human history and still continues whereby masses struggle to secure rights for themselves from their establishment. It is a very slow process and involves a lot of bloodshed and painful suffering for a lot of people over a very long period. Had people learned the message of Allah and they had come together to form a proper human community in kingdom of God based upon it, it will have helped them in a big way, however it is up to people themselves to choose how they want to live and how they want to change their world for the better or worse but the truth is they have no solid foundation unless they accept the Quran as basis for their struggle after understanding it properly and adopting it faithfully because only guidance from God can provide mankind the needed secure and solid foundation to begin with.