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Surah 113 AL-FALAQ–The process of deconstruction of human society based upon harmful and destructive way of life founded upon foundation of personal gains at the expense of each other and its reconstruction as a proper human community based upon way of life advised by God for its blissful, dignified and secure existence in kingdom of God as a proper human community so that it could fulfil the purpose for which God created each and every thing.

This surah is named AL-FALAQ because it comprehensively describes the fact that God has created everything and that things function in such a way that they either end up benefitting humanity or harming it. However it is up to mankind themselves to learn things about themselves and the rest of the creation as well as revelation of God and set up such a human community based kingdom that gives them a blissful, dignified and secure life through unity, peace, progress and prosperity. Not only that but it also explains that most serious danger for humanity comes from within itself ie some members of it using it abusively for personal gains at its expense thereby hindering or destroying its unity, peace, progress and prosperity or at least limiting it to a bare minimum. The main thing for people to realise is that while they setup rivalries and animosities between themselves and waste time and resources in fighting each other, they will have problem taking care of themselves from other dangers present in the universe for humanity. This is why all those who conspire to create fights among mankind are said to be enemies of God and humanity and people should deal with such antisocial elements among them properly before things get out of hands. This is why the need for people to keep each other constantly in check.

This surah explains how the kingdom based upon divine guidance can come about or can be brought about by any person or persons ie the starting point is knowing message of God properly and spreading it in a proper way because spreading the wrong message in the name of God will have serious consequences for mankind eg people will not be able to understand and accept it so instead of coming together on basis of this message they will run away from it and each other as well as they will oppose it because in their minds they could be thinking the actual message is rubbish so it is not worth even considering never mind following. This should be obvious to Muslims who have come in contact with nonMuslims who have already read books on so called deen of Islam of mullahs and their ignorant followers. It is an uphill struggle to explain to such nonMuslims that Islam of mullahs is not actual deen of Islam that is actually in the Quran. In fact it is even worse trying to explain it to Muslims who have been infected by indoctrination of mullahs whereby they conditioned their minds. This is why a very large majority of the ummah is stuck terribly in the nonsense of mullahs. However, no matter what ummah will have to find its way to the proper understanding of the Quranic message or there is no end to its troubles and painful suffering. In fact the message in this surah is very clear, seek refuge in God ie seek protection from all kinds of harms and destructions people inflict upon each other for their personal gains at each other’s expense by leaving that way of life and adopting the way of life advised by God for ensuring well being of mankind through help and full support of each other as a proper human community in kingdom of God.

In this surah people are clearly told to be on their guard about nonsense things people attribute to God or deen of Islam or the Quran or the final messenger of God due to their ignorance or lack of knowledge about things. In each and every surah the Quran is telling people about ways people live or can live their lives. It tells them about good or bad that comes their way as a result of living by a particular way of life. There is no miracle or magic involved in the Quranic explanations of things instead the Quran tells people to be sensible and use that sense to judge between truth and falsehood or right and wrong or what is really beneficial or good for humanity and what is really harmful and destructive or bad for it. Therefore if any belief or practice causes or can cause harm or destruction to humanity it must be given up and any belief or practice that ensures or can ensure well being of humanity it must be adopted.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] Saying, I seek to bring about a kingdom for ensuring well being of mankind through carrying out program of Creator and Sustainer of the universe according to His guidelines for a constitution and its related laws,

The way of life advised by God if understood properly and adopted faithfully by humanity can provide refuge for humanity from all sorts of its self created troubles and difficulties and can also ensure its well being as a community in a kingdom based upon guidance of its creator and sustainer.

2] so that mankind could be protected from the harms and destructions which could be caused by all that He has created,

There are various types of harms and destructions taking place in the world all the time and mankind need to be alert enough and able enough as a community to cope with all such things that life throws at humanity. The guidance from Allah helps humanity do that by removing internal conflicts from within humanity by uniting them so that they are free to pay attention to other things that need to be paid attention to and taken care of by mankind by way of organising and regulating themselves properly.

3] particularly from the harms and destructions caused by dominant people when they let ignorance become settled in their minds to act stubbornly and senselessly or foolishly,

4] as well as from the harms and destructions of those who cause hatred among mankind through divisions, rivalries and animosities for their personal gains at their expense through their secret scheming or plots and conspiracies,

5] and from the harms and destructions of the covert operators when they by their tricks and mechanisms complicate matters for humanity at large that are simple out of their selfish greed for personal gains at the expense of others.

This surah beside explaining other things also points out the problems that people who wish to bring about or maintain the divine kingdom will face from those who do not wish to see such a kingdom become a reality or remain a reality even if such a kingdom does come about. In this sense one has to be very much alert about social, cultural, political and economic conspiracies and plots by opposing sides and be able to survive them. Otherwise the wish for bringing about the kingdom based upon guidance of God will remain a distant dream. Again a very strong slap on face of mullahs who have deliberately misinterpreted and misrepresented the Quran to hide its actual teachings from mankind so that abusive use of humanity continues at the hands of rulers, mullahs, money lenders, their touts and supporters and these people get what they have been promised by rulers and money lenders and mullas. The very fact that masses always look up to God for help means that if true message of Allah was delivered to them they will not accept any other way of life than the one revealed by God and that is the main reason mullahs need to put so much effort in derailing people from the message of Allah by misinterpreting and misrepresenting the message but it is also fault of masses for blindly following mullahs instead of educating themselves, a fault for which they are paying a very heavy or a terrible price throughout the world. Despite working so hard billions of people in the world are unable to make the ends meet even today. A fitting response by set up systems and laws of God for those who choose to live like animals despite being created by God as human beings with highly powerful and sophisticated brains. All this shows very clearly that Islam is a DEEN not a MAZHAB and mullahs are lying day and night to dish it out as a set of make belief for useless or harmful and destructive practices that have no benefit for God or mankind whatsoever. Deen is a way of life for living in this world with outcome of actions people take for living in this world. This is why beneficial way of life leads to benefits and harmful way of life leads to harms. The Quran guides as to what sort of actions lead to harm and destruction and why or how and what sort of actions lead to blissful, dignified and secure life and why or how. So only foolish will follow mullahs instead of following the Quran by trying to understand it properly as it ought to be understood.

The Quran is telling mankind that there is always ideological warfare going on among people throughout the human world. Not only between people of the countries but also between people of cities, townships and villages of the very same country. In fact each and every household throughout the world is is a battle zone for ideological warfare and most of all mind of each and every person is a battle ground for ideological warfare. No one lives in peace without worries because some sort of conflict about life, living and livelihood is always going on in minds of people. This makes them worried about one thing or the other or yet another etc etc. So if people really want a great life in this world then they must learn to live in this world properly or there is no end for their troubled lives. This shows very clearly how vitally important it is for mankind to find out about proper way of life that is revealed by God for them. Only by knowing properly and adopting faithfully the proper way of life people can actually have a life truly worth living not otherwise. By postponing this task they are only prolonging their own painful suffering by hands of each other but for what?