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Surah 105 AL-FEEL–Dire consequences for people living by way of life founded upon idea of personal gains at the expense of each other instead of living by way of life advised by their creator and sustainer for ensuring their well being through help and full support of each other.

This surah is named AL-FEEL because the Quran is full of stories about past people who lived their lives on basis of personal gains at the expense of each other whereby they made weakest of their people suffer terribly. In time the end result was their mutual destruction as a people, due to divisions they created among themselves out of rivalries and animosities that resulted from the way of life they adopted for themselves. The stories in the Quran are for general awareness to help people think how they should live so that they do not end up like people of the past who inflicted harms and destructions upon each other for their petty personal gains and thereby drove themselves out of existence. AS-HAABUL FEEL not only means people who own elephant but also a people who adopt a burdensome or troublesome way of life as if one is keeping a wild elephant or carrying an elephant on one’s back. It is about masses that carry burden of rulers, mullahs, money lenders, their touts and supporters on their backs needlessly. These are their expensive elephants to keep or maintain. To sustain and maintain these elites is not an easy thing for any human population in the world. The God sent message exposes tricks and mechanisms rulers, mullahs and money lenders use to fool masses and that is why they try their best to oppose the revelation of God and try to mask its true message because that way they can keep ignorant, illiterate, uneducated and untrained masses isolated from becoming aware of things which could endanger continuity of these elites ie the rulers, the mullahs and the money lenders. These elites do all this because they keep themselves ignorant about the message of God despite knowing about realities of real world much better than the masses they control.

Mankind need to know that the Quran is not a story telling book but a book that contains a mixture of vitally important information needed by humanity in a highly structured way so that humanity could learn to live in this world as it is supposed to and have a purpose based blissful, dignified and secure existence. The Quran explains in reasonable detail why this world has been created and how it is set up to operate by way of set up systems and laws and what people need to do in this world to make it a beautiful place for themselves the while it lasts. This is the context in which the Quran tells stories about the past generations of people to show what happened to people who followed revealed guidance and what happened to those who did not. This is the permanent way how set up systems and laws of God deal with people, so mankind should not be in any confusion about this set up. Nothing happens in this world at random from point of view of God rather each and every thing and event is planned by God. It is a complete program based upon plan of God for fulfilling his purpose according to his own plan. Mankind do have a limited freedom to think and do as they please but they can never defeat the setup systems and laws of God. What do the God setup systems and law do? They simply support humanity or oppose it depending upon whether people think and do things according to guidance of God or in opposition to it. The setup universal systems and laws are always acting or reacting to situations or circumstances to keep this universe as it ought to be kept according to the plan of God. The setup systems and laws act or react right away or take time depending upon how much time span God has given a situation to continue in the universe or in the human world. This is why when a triggering point is reached in any situation things start happening till they are brought back within the operating range or spectrum. The universe in a way is setup such that it acts like a feedback loop system.

The Quran mainly talks about two ways of life for people. A God revealed way of life and a way of life which people themselves became accustomed to. This happened because when God brought about human beings they were left on their own to learn thing by way of their own direct experiences in the natural world. They were given brains, senses, bodies and things to help them do all that to the best of their God given abilities. However people did not use their God given abilities as they were supposed to, so a way of life came about which was harmful and destructive for humanity. It is because people started living by way of life based upon personal gains at the expense of each other. This always eventually led them to bloodshed and wars between themselves. This situation forced them to look for a way out of this situation. Eventually they realised they needed help from their creator in this regard. This is why when they turned sensible after having a lot of life experience based upon their failures God started sending them revelations through people from among themselves to bring them out of their self created problems. In his messages God told people how to live properly in this world. As people were already divided some still decided to remain the way they were. Since then these two opposing sides of people have been at each other’s throats for trying to convert people to their respective ways of life. This struggle between these people still continues and will continue till all people in this world stop living by any way of life which is based upon idea of personal gains at each other’s expense.

This is the main context in which each and every surah of the Quran speaks. The Quran is basically about establishment of a kingdom based upon guidance of God by humanity itself for itself to live properly in this world as a proper human community. It is about all people becoming one under rule of law of one true God. This is why the Islamic declaration that there is no one who has right to claim to be or act like God for anyone or anything other than one true God himself. Anyone who does that is labelled a MUSHRIK and a rebel by one true God in the Quran. This is why a MUSHRIK is not only a person who attributes label of God to anyone else other than one true God but also a person who acts like God for human beings or things. The Quran does not allow people to rule each other or use each other abusively but also tells people to work together as a team and do as told. What is told by God for people to think and do? To create a constitution and its laws based upon guidance of God and live by them as an ummah or community. This is why people must first understand the message of God properly with help of each other and then create a constitution and its laws based upon that proper understanding and then organise and regulate themselves accordingly to fulfil program of God. It must always be remembered Islam is a deen or a governing system not a mazhab or religious ritualism. People must learn as to how kingdom of God fell apart after the death of the final God sent messenger and How sects came about. As explained already when people got reasonably comfortable life due to following guidance of God they gradually became over indulgent in enjoying life so they gradually became slack in keeping up with proper learning of the Quran to maintain the kingdom and so over time they lost the proper understanding of the message in the Quran and that is how the kingdom based upon guidance of God fell apart. After that confusion led ummah into chaos and anarchy as usual so people started doing their own things. In time to come opportunists took over whatever was left of this community and divided it amongst themselves and started creating sources in the name of God and reinterpreted the Quran to suit to themselves to justify themselves.

Since then the so called Muslim ummah remains divided and will never unite till people rediscover the original interpretation of the Quran and then sift through all the rest of information about deen of Islam based upon it which people have been collecting over past centuries. This is the main reason for this work on the Quran to help people rediscover original deen of Islam. The main thing that helped people modify deen of Isalm into mazhab or religion so easily was the meanings of words used in the Quran. As one can clearly see the human language itself is full of advantages and disadvantages due to having so many meanings in its words. As people deconstructed original Islam by using this method so it can be reconstructed by using the very same method ie by changing meanings of words back to their original meanings. Word ILAAH meaning God was turned into object of worship or a deity. This can be reversed into ruler of this world or the king of this universe or of each and everything in it. Likewise were changed meanings of words like SALAAH into five times daily prayers or word SOWM was changed into one month of fasting each year or ZAKAAH was changed into annual 2.5% charity for the poor and HAJJ was changed into a lifetime visit of KAABA which is a cube in Makkah in Saudi Arabia as explained in detail already. People who have sense know very well that in these like things there is no guidance at all for humanity because ritualism does not and cannot do anything good for humanity towards which the Quran calls humanity repeatedly throughout the Quran. The main question is, how can anyone do the good the Quran calls people towards by doing all these things the mullah based Islam tells them to do? This is a clear proof that this whole thing called religion of Islam is a made up thing and has nothing at all to do with actual deen of Islam which actually deals with all issues relating humanity properly.

This surah is also talking about things the Quran has explained elsewhere. It starts by asking people are you aware of setup systems and laws of God as to how they have been dealing with humanity throughout ages. If not then get to know these things so that you do not do the stupid things they did and suffered the terrible consequences. How do God’s setup systems and laws make people face the consequences of their harmful and destructive thoughts and actions? The very same way as we see them in the real world. For example, if we put our hands in the fire it burns them. Likewise if we hit our heads against the brick wall it injures them. All this stops us from doing things like these and if we do same wrong again we face similar consequences. Therefore if we will keep on doing harmful or destructive things then we will end up harmed or destroyed and nothing can save us other than our own proper thinking and doing things. Setup systems and laws of God never change so people who think and do what is harmful or destructive for mankind they must change their mindsets, attitudes and behaviours or they cannot escape the consequences. World is what people make it so more and more we make our world a bad place to live in, the more and more trouble will come back to hurt us sooner or later as the setup systems and laws of God dictate, so if humanity has not paid proper attention to setup systems and laws of God then they should before it is too late for them as it was for many of the past generations of mankind.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] Have you the mankind not paid attention to setup systems and laws of your Creator and Sustainer as to how they have been consistently delivering to people outcomes of their harmful and destructive thoughts and actions against each other always who adopted the way of life founded upon idea of personal gains at the expense of each other that is crushingly burdensome for them?

This verse draws attention of people to look at the universe and see how it has been working always ever since it has been set up to operate on basis of setup systems and laws. These systems and laws are unchanging and will keep on working the way they have been always so learn about them and abide by them or be ready for results like people of the past who ignored them and did things their own way and ended up destroyed by hands of each other. In this verse word FEEL does not mean actual elephant the animal but a way of life that people created and adopted for themselves as a population. This verse is explaining how set-up systems and laws of Allah deal with people who accept to live by this way of life ie on basis of personal gains at the expense of each other. Rulers, mullahs and money lenders trick them into this way of life and they accept it but then after a while they realise that rulers, mullahs and money lenders are a very heavy burden upon them to carry or live with because under its weight they face more and more hardship or dire poverty and problems and those problems finally destroy them as a people. It is a crushing burden for mankind to live under such a way of life due to which each person ends up fighting against all the rest not just for survival but for dominance and control and that is why Allah sent his messengers with guidance to help remove all these crushing hardships and difficulties by a way of life that makes life worth living because it ties all people into a brotherhood that is supposed to share burden of life rather than putting more and more pressure on each other on top of livelihood problems. See 7/157 for example. Negative competition increases problems many folds for individuals whereas positive competition decreases problems many folds. Think about how many people you are up against in a negative competition and how many people are supporting you in a positive competition. In one way of life you are fighting with all people to get what you want and to save yourself from being dispossessed by others while in the other all are at your service to help you get what you need. There is a huge difference in having loads of enemies or wolves in sheep clothing in life and having loads of real friends. This is the difference between the Quranic way of life ie deen of Islam and all the rest of ways of life which people take upon themselves to live by.

2] Has He not thereby let all their scheming against His advised way of life come to nothing?

People who adopt way of life based upon personal gains at the expense of each other are bound to trick each other any way they can so that they could gain themselves by dispossessing others or by causing others to lose. It is because this way of life is based upon idea of making someone lose so that someone could gain. This is what doing money based business with each other is all about. All this is due to stupidity of the common man who makes someone else more powerful than himself by giving the person his support for all the wrong reasons due to his own ignorance. That is how one ends up in painful suffering in time to come as a consequence of doing this. This is how human world ends up enslaved by tricky wicked or wretched and crooked people. To undo this all one needs is to understand the process and reverse it. When more and more so called weak people join together to bring this way of life down then it will fall apart, so no point in people complaining about this system instead they will be better off doing what needs to be done to replace it with that which is revealed by God. This means learning the Quran properly and helping others do the same till most of the people come to know about it so that balance of power could be changed.

3] Moreover thereby He let rain down upon them consequences of their own harmful and destructive thoughts and actions against each other bundles upon bundles,

Here God is making clear how he stops people with harmful and destructive mindset, attitude and behaviour from going overboard in the wrong direction. God has not created people to punish them or to destroy them but to fulfil his purpose according to his plan with their participation in it for which he has given them freedom to a limited degree. He has clearly explained for them the whole program and has warned them clearly that if they will go beyond a set limit in doing what is wrong then they will end up triggering God set systems and laws whereby they could end up harmed or destroyed as a result of their own doings. It is a case of a person being explained not to bang his head against the brick wall or he will get injured, yet the person goes ahead and bangs his head against the wall by ignoring the given information. Not only that but after getting injured the person blames the warner or the one who placed the brick wall there. This is how humanity is busy blaming God all the time for its own stupidities.

4] that struck them down as if with huge hailstones from the sky,

When people keep on thinking and doing all sorts of wrong things to entrap each other ultimately they become overwhelmed by wrong doings of each other and so all become trapped in a very bad situation which is created by themselves. This is why when people leave no room for themselves to retreat and reform as a people in order to survive they end up destroyed by hands of each other. Just as God does not force people to go astray so he does not guide people by force either. He lets people decide things for themselves and accepts their decisions regarding themselves and delivers them the end results of their thoughts and actions against each other.

5] that is how His set-up systems and laws caused them to end up like an empty field of stalk and straw of which the grain has been eaten up.

This surah clearly tells mankind stay away from burdensome ways of life or wait for the outcome for adopting such ways of life in due course.