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Surah 108 AL-KAUTHAR-A program with guidelines for a proper constitution and laws from Allah for the greatest possible good of mankind so that they become a proper human community in his kingdom in order to fulfil the purpose for which he has created them and all the rest of things.

This surah is named AL-KOUSAR because it is an attribute of the Quran which contains the best possible program and the best possible guidelines for a proper constitution and laws from God for mankind to live by which can ensure their blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community in his kingdom so that they carry out his given program in order to fulfil the purpose for which he has created everything including human beings. Only and only deen of Islam can unite mankind and help them live in peace with each other and make maximum possible progress and be prosperous to the full possible degree. Deen of Islam is basically about a proper human community in kingdom of God that is self motivated to organise and regulate itself on basis of provided guidance from its creator and sustainer after being inspired by his revealed message in order to carry out his program. The Quran teaches mankind a way of life that can help people accomplish all that is told in it. Humanity therefore must learn to organise and regulate itself properly as a proper human community in the kingdom of God so that it could manage people and God provided resources and means of production and distribution properly for ensuring well being of mankind as a whole through help and full support of each other. This is how the Quraan will prove it is truly a program revealed by God for guidance of humanity. This is how humanity will end up with abundance of things of need and want or in the context of the Quran rivers of things of need and want will flow in the kingdom when people will live in it as they are supposed to live. This is why unless people educate themselves about all this properly and do as told faithfully they can never be free of their self created troubles and problems therefore painful suffering by their own hands as well as by hands of each other. In other words life is what people make it by their own thoughts and actions and guidance from God can only help them think properly and work properly so that outcome of all this is well worth their effort. It is therefore best for individuals and groups to give up their self created ways of life which are based upon foundation of personal gains at the expense of each other whereby people get busy for destroying each other for their petty personal gains instead of living for ensuring well being of each other. No doubt the Quran claims to be word of God and if it is true in its claim then nothing is as worthy and valuable as the Quran but to prove it so needs very hard work by individuals. Almost all of the people have not explored the Quran the way it ought to be explored to discover its message and to benefit from it as they ought to benefit. The Quran as a book from God is a standalone book but the real problem is people are not born learned enough to be able to understand it as it is. They need a lot of help for learning things which could help them decode it. This is why people must learn about all things essential for understanding the Quran properly so that then they could try and understand it properly. If one asks a very simple question of a mullah, how to understand the Quran properly, one will not get the straight answer that works from a mullah. Not because there is no answer at all to this question but because mullahs never learned the Quran as they were supposed to.

A mullah may say, well, the Quran was revealed to the messenger of God so he has explained it therefore look for explanations of the Quran by the messenger of God in books of Ahaadis. The question then can be, how to understand the texts in books of Ahaadis in order to understand the Quran? Mullah may say, well look into what companions of the messenger of God have said about the Ahaadis of the messenger of God. This then becomes an unending chain of explanations of the explanations. This is how it proves explanations of this nature do not work when it comes to proper understanding of the Quranic text. This means, the idea of explanation of the Quranic text by way of Ahaadis on its own is not the right way for trying to understand the Quranic text properly. Likewise a mullah may say, well interpretation of the Quranic text by way of the Quranic text itself is the right way for understanding the Quranic text properly. But if the Quran explained itself then why people who claim to be followers of the Quran are divided into many groups who are fighting each other over differences in their beliefs and practices? This means they do not know how to understand the Quranic text properly or they could have managed to convince each other to the correct interpretation of the Quranic text to end fighting between themselves over differences they have between themselves regarding deen of Islam. So what is missing in all this? The correct formula that is needed for proper understanding of the text of the Quran, so what is the correct formula for understanding the Quranic text properly? Before answering this question let us first look at what people who claim to be Muslims believe and practice and why they believe what they believe and why they practice what they practice. People who claim to be Muslims are mainly those who follow their mullahs, so they believe what their mullahs tell them and do what their mullahs tell them. They are not the people who bother to make efforts for properly understanding the Quran. This is why their beliefs and practices deliver them what they deserve which is in front of the whole world to see. These are people who have no idea at all how to understand the Quranic text properly. This is why all debates between such Muslims and atheists and other theists make no much difference. These Muslims believe in miracles and magic as well as supernatural beings etc. In fact these people are nothing more than other superstitious people. The Quran on the other hand is a book of facts and rational explanations. It has nothing at all to do with beliefs and practices of these people or people likes of them no matter what they claim to be.

The correct way of understanding the Quranic text properly is, understanding the set of rules of judgment as are used in a court of law to decide cases of people. The Quran itself contains statements according to these rules, so if one looks through the Quran for those statement one will end up with many. For example, the Quran tells us that two conflicting statements are proof of falsehood of both statements or only one of them could be true. The Quran tells people to ensure their judgements are properly balanced or just and fair and not biased or unjust or unfair or unbalance. Flaws are said to be imperfections or blemishes or faults. This is why the Quran itself cannot be expected to have faults of this nature in itself. The Quran uses real world realities as basis for its arguments to drive its point home. This means anything said about the Quranic text must not contradict known real world realities. Using arguments itself is proof that the Quran is a rational book not mumbo jumbo of mullahs. The Quran tells mankind, whenever there arises any disagreement between them regarding interpretation of any facts or concepts they must first come to common terms as basis for their arguments to prove their points of views correct. It does not say that if people disagree about things then they should use the Quran as the ultimate authority to end their conflicts. It is because if disagreement between two parties is about the Quran itself then they need to use their own proper rules of judgement according to which they decide their own cases in their courts of law. This is why to decide whether the Quran is word of God or not people must use their own intelligence and as evidence they should use the Quran itself and its related external facts and their Quranic explanations as well as its arguments. However the main point mankind must remember when judging the Quran for its truth is, to judge it purposefully and objectively not randomly by attributing all kinds of nonsense to it. The reason for that is, because the Quran is revealed by God for mankind for serving a set purpose ie to inform them about the purpose they are created for and the way they can fulfil that purpose which is called deen of Islam. This is how the Quran brings itself under human intellectual scrutiny.

On that basis it tells people that once you have judged things correctly about the Quran then you will find the Quran rationally fully consistent with its purpose of revelation. Once the Quran has proven itself authentic and valid to individuals from then on the Quran becomes the ultimate authority for them to think and do everything according to it. This is why only and only that interpretation of the Quranic text is valid which is free of flaws, contradictions or discrepancies within itself and with respect to real world realities. This clearly shows that just knowing rules of Arabic grammar is not sufficient for judging the validity of the Quran properly rather on one hand one has to have knowledge of the mechanism that helps derive all possible meanings of each and every word used in the Quran and on the other full knowledge about things the Quran talks about. For example, if the Quran talks about human beings then it is necessary that people know about words used in the Quran for human beings as well as the mechanism whereby meanings of each word are derived. Not only that, mankind must also know what a human being is as fully as possible. Not knowing any of these things will render their interpretation of the Quran invalid therefore unreliable. The problem here is that human beings are not Gods ie such beings as make no mistakes. Therefore human beings can only do the best they can as human beings. This is why all their interpretations of the Quran are valid unless and until they are found wrong about any particular point or points. That is where they become invalid but only for those points. This is why people can rely on translations and interpretations of the Quran only to their degree of validity. They should not be relied upon one hundred percent. It is because human knowledge about things is not necessarily one hundred percent perfect. This is why people should not reject word of God out of hand without its proper scrutiny or cross examination just due to hearsay by others who may be equally ignorant. It is because consequences for doing that are going to be most serious for whole of humanity. This is why people better help one another sincerely to understand the Quranic text properly so that they could benefit from it the most and have a great life in this world while it lasts and even better life in hereafter.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] Indeed, We have blessed you the mankind with a program and guidelines for a proper constitution and laws through the Quran for unity, peace, progress and prosperity in abundance for your blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community in Our kingdom.

2] Therefore form a proper human community in the kingdom according to the guidance of your Creator and Sustainer by sacrificing your comfort and fruit of you labour for carrying out this assignment for ensuring well being of mankind.
It should be very clear for a person from this surah that the Quran is a book from God to human beings for accomplishing a mission. The mission is establishment of a proper human community in the kingdom of God for ensuring well being of mankind so that human beings could fulfil the purpose for which God has created them by understanding and following his program using things he has provided for them for this purpose. This means people are set a goal or a target by God to achieve or hit so they will have to do what needs to be done to make this mission a success. Doing things which have nothing at all to do with this mission will not help them accomplish this goal but instead they will waste their time and energy. Therefore anyone or anything that leads away from the mission should be avoided or one will fail to hit one’s given target, Not only that but following an opposite way of life to way of life advised by God will bring harm and destruction upon humanity by hands of each other. This is why one will have to decide for oneself as to what is actual deen of Islam and what is meaning of worship of God in the proper context of the Quran before doing anything. Therefore living by hearsay and doing anything that comes to one’s mind is not the way to go for a true Muslim because it is not going to help one achieve one’s God assigned target and it will only waste one’s time and energy. This should make it amply clear for a person how important it is for one to clarify things for oneself before one starts doing them.

3] No doubt each and every group of people that opposes your assigned mission will be cutting itself off from all that abundance of goodness however all this opposition to your mission will come to an end in due course.

This surah is explaining what the Quran is for ie for the abundant benefits of mankind therefore any other way of life adopted by people will not be able to deliver for them as much as the Quranic way of life can. Not only that but any other way of life will not only waste their time and energy but will also lead them to ample painful suffering over a very long period of time by hands of each other. This is why mankind must wake up to message of the Quran if they wish to be a community of caring and sharing people in kingdom of God instead of living their lives like senseless animals in a jungle.