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Surah 100 AL-AADIYAAT- People inflict terrible atrocities upon each other as enemies due to not using provisions of their creator and sustainer appropriately as told by him by choosing to live on basis of personal gains at each other’s expense instead of living for ensuring well being of each other as a proper human community in the kingdom of God for sake of God.

This surah is named AL-AADIYAAT because the Quran talks about causes for disputes, divisions, rivalries, hatred, enmities, animosities, fights and wars within a human group or between human groups, be they small or large. It is all result of way of life people have chosen to live by which is based upon foundation of personal gains at each other’s expense instead of guidance of God which tells people to live as a brotherhood of humanity in the kingdom of God. This surah clearly tells people this is not the way God wants people to live or use his provisions. However if they will not listen to God then they are warned about serious consequences by hands of each other in this world as well as in hereafter when they will be questioned about their thoughts and actions for and against each other by their creator and sustainer. This is why people should not go to the extremes they go to for getting what they want for themselves or things will not work out in their favour even if they appear to get away with things for the time being because that respite they have is part of grand scheme of things by their creator and sustainer. The Quran cites history of humanity as an evidence for its claims and the cyclic nature of events ie history almost repeating itself. It is because people want to take things of this world without due consideration for each other by using various tricks and mechanisms that makes this world a very dangerous place for mankind to live in because doing things this way leaves lots of people without things of need or want for them. Not only that people also use force where they can to take things of each other or dispossess each other as well as they use tricks where they can to fool each other into gaining or getting things from each other or for giving up things for each other. This is very obvious from the history of humanity as to how kings used to attack each other to take over lands and resources of each other. Not only that they used to enslave people of each other as well. Religious leaders deliver emotional lectures to get masses to act in a particular way and they do including giving things in charity and donations etc. Money lenders trap people using their tricks of the trade to get what they want of them. Many work very, very hard yet end up without even food for the day. This is how mankind use each other abusively by taking undue advantage of each other.

It is not only rulers, money lenders and mullas who do all this but each and every person even among masses does it due to adopting the way of life based upon personal gains at each other’s expense. Only odd people rise up against this tide to try to change it as pressure groups here and there in the world and they succeed but their success is very small due to using same way of life against which they fight. It only changes people on the top and nothing else much. One can see people got rid of imperialism to a great degree but way of life has not changed much as people still enslave each other using other methods for entrapping each other into slavery. Politicians and economists and mullas are still exploiting masses just the same or may be even worse. People living in one end of the world are using people in the other end of the world abusively by using money mechanism as token of an agreed value. So those who do not have money cannot buy things of their need or want despite being part of this world in which they are born like all other people without fault of their own. So no matter what people cannot stop abusive use of each other unless they adopt deen of Islam as any other way of life is never going to help them end abusive use of each other. As things stand each and every person tries to use others abusively in one’s own way. All this due to our damaged psyche that we cannot even think outside the box we are put in by our societies or by ourselves. Why don’t we change our way of life if we are really and truly concerned about abusive use of each other? This means almost all of us human beings are not sincere with God and humanity or how could we ignore the way of life our creator and sustainer has advised for us? All our tears for each other are crocodile tears not real. All our speeches for betterment of humanity are mere empty words for fooling each other and feeling good about ourselves but what will happen when our these thoughts and actions will force us to face their consequences? Then it may be too late for many of us to repent and reform. Let us not leave things till then rather we must try and learn message of the Quran properly and teach it to others properly so that together we could bring about brotherhood of humanity in a kingdom as advised by God for ensuing well being of all of us with full help and support of each other. So we must change our mindsets, attitudes and behaviours as well as our habits by changing our thoughts and actions. We must build our characters from scratch based upon the teaching of the Quran if we want the best possible world for ourselves along with best possible hereafter. There is no other way to do so.

However there is a fatal conflict between our confessions or declarations of faith and our practices which shows we are not taking things as sincerely or seriously as we should. It is as if we are only paying lip service to God as well as each other. It is because when we confess or declare our faith in God and his guidance we are actually promising God and humanity both our intentions which we then contradict by our actions or practices. In a way when we profess or declare our faith, we are actually taking an oath that whatever we are promising we will do anything and everything to make this a reality or make it come true by our works. This is why when we do not do things we promise God and each other and instead do things that are opposite to that then we are falling into the hell of our own making and the results of that are obvious to us from all over the human world. All this shows human beings are in a terrible doubt about existence of their creator and sustainer and his revelation and that is why they are not giving due importance to his revealed message the Quran as they should and that is why they are doing whatever they like with their lives and each other having no regard for God and his message or their own promises or words to each other. This being the case why then humanity should not be considered its own worse enemy? These short surahs draw our attention to longer surahs wherein these causes have been explained in detail along with their outcomes. So if people want to get themselves rid of all these troublesome things then they have no choice but to adopt the way of life that is based upon the foundation provided by the Quran. One can see the Quran remains realistic throughout rather than talking about religious mumbo jumbo that makes no sense whatsoever. It is therefore very much obvious that this book being from God is basically about humanity and resources and how mankind must organise and regulate themselves as a proper human community in a kingdom to be a worthy people rather than living like animals in a jungle or even worse. Once people have done that only then they can carry out rest of program of God for which he has created them. No matter what mankind will reach their God set destiny but how soon depends upon human beings themselves, because it depends upon their proper understanding of the creation of God as well as the revelation of God. So far almost all mechanisms are in place and as soon as people realise things the message will spread right away without much delay. It is a situation like means of travel are all there and all people need to do is start their journey but they must first choose their destination. This is what the concept of promised land is all about ie if we will go by the book of God then we will end up in the promised land but if we will live any other way then we will end up nowhere other than chaos and confusion and that is where we humans are at the moment. Any piece of land in this word is a promised land for humanity wherein people decide to live by way of life advised by God. That is where in rivers of milk and honey will flow by hard works of people themselves and will continue flowing so long as people will continue living by way of life advised by God for them and as soon as people will move away from guidance of God the very same piece of land will turn into a hellhole for them by their inflictions of terrible atrocities upon each other for their petty personal gains at each other’s expense.

In the creation of God things including human beings can be seen clearly divided into two categories a)those which end up having more advantages in comparison to others in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose and b)those which end up having less advantages in comparison to others for some reason or purpose. This raises fundamental questions as to why such a thing has been allowed by God to happen and how did all this come about? To begin with it is a vitally important point to understand that God has created all things to serve his assigned purposes so that all the creations of God as a whole could function properly as a unit so that the purpose for which God has created them becomes fulfilled. Therefore so long as things do their jobs or assigned works or carry out their tasks or play their assigned parts properly in this grand scheme of things they are fine. All things including human beings are programmed by God according to purpose of God to various degrees for serving this very purpose successfully. Human beings are programmed differently from all the rest of things because they have been assigned a very important task for which they are put through a struggle to fulfil their purpose of creation by carrying out what is assigned for them by God. Because human beings have been created by God to serve a distinct purpose therefore they have been bestowed with many different things so that they could serve their God assigned purpose for their creation. What other things are supposed to do is programmed within them this is why those things do not need a brain like human beings and for the very same reason they do not need any external guidance either. They functions as toys for human beings with which people can interact and learn things from. However human beings are given special brains and external messages by God for their guidance to learn and program themselves for the purpose they have been created for. Since people have been given ability to self program by learning and doing things by way of interaction with things within their own environment along with ability to decide things for themselves, therefore they made choices as it suited them as individuals or as groups.

Originally people could not be guided by God because they needed to self program till they reached a stage where at they could benefit from revealed guidance from God. Once that stage was reached God sent them messages in order to explain to them their purpose of creation and the way they should act to fulfil that purpose. That purpose was appreciation of God through learning knowledge to the highest possible degree. Knowledge about what? About creation of God as well as revelation of God. Why? So that thereby humanity could come to know God as much as it is possible for humanity. It is because God decided to express himself only and only through creation and revelation therefore without knowing about creation and revelation of God, none can appreciate God with reasonable certainty. God created things have more or less advantages in comparison to each other and God assigned purpose for that was so that things complement each other fully in order to fulfil the purpose for which God has created them. Since human beings have been given ability to choose to act as they like, however people decided to act for themselves only ie they only acted for personal gains at the expense of each other. However in time most of the people got fed up with this way of life and sought guidance for a better way of life to live by. That is when God started providing them with his guidance through his messengers. However after a very long time God ended this way of guidance for humanity so people were now left with a book of God called the Quran to help them learn and live by. The guidance of God was given to mankind to help them think at a higher level than they were used to that they could live as a proper human community in the kingdom of God. However after the final messenger of Allah passed away the community he brought about in the kingdom of God fell apart due to its gradual falling away from the message of the Quran so human world gradually fell back into the very same situation or set of circumstances from which it was brought out by the final messenger of God with help and support of those who like his God assigned mission. However the good things is humanity still has guidance of God with it which is fully intact waiting for people to understand it once more and start living by it so that all human problem could become a thing of the past. So if people want to make their world a paradise for themselves then that is what human beings need to do or they are to live in a hellhole of their making for as long as they wish to do so.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] Let us cite as evidence terrible thoughts and actions of people against each other whereby they dispossess one another of Our provisions by taking undue advantages of each other as enemies instead of learning to be a proper brotherhood of humanity in Our kingdom,

Here God is explaining to mankind as to what is really wrong with them due to which they are having a terrible life in this world when they have from God all they will ever need and therefore they can have a great life in here as well as in hereafter with help of God revealed message and with help and full support of each other as a proper human family in his kingdom by organising and regulating themselves properly for proper management of humanity and provided things.

2] due to their this way of life they are quick at igniting fires of hatred and animosity by creating disputes or conflicts between themselves for their petty personal gains at each other’s expense,

3] Through these fires of hatred and animosities they give rise to chaos and confusion among human populations

4] in order to create panic or hopelessness or anarchy or disorder or lawlessness among them

5] so that they could become centre of attention among masses in order to appear to all of them as their saviours.

6] Surely dominant of the mankind whom We have given more advantages over others does this because he does not give due importance to Our guidance as he should

7] and surely each and every human being himself provides evidence for this claim of Ours by his own wrong thoughts and actions against others,

No one has 100% advantage over everyone but all people have some advantages over others at times in certain situations or set of circumstances eg grown ups have some advantages over children and young people have some advantages over elderly folks and vice versa. So anyone who has any advantage over anyone else at any particular time in any particular situation must not forget advice of God and learn to live by it as taking undue advantages can only lead people from bad to worse situations in time to come as human societies deteriorate instead of improving.

8] because he violates Our given program, its constitution and laws in his hot pursuit of petty personal gains in form of power and wealth at the expense of living his life as a part of a proper human community in Our kingdom.

9] Instead why is such a person not learning Our message to become aware that soon a lot more treasures hidden in the universe will become discovered by humanity for its own benefits if it worked according to Our guidance as a proper human community in Our kingdom?

If people learn sense and become wise and work together it only adds up in the human force and things can be made to happen quicker with more help in thoughts and actions. Fighting with each other over things only wastes time and energy of human beings which only makes life worse.

10] Behold! In due course beneficial or harmful intentions and motives in minds of people for or against each other will become manifest through their own actions for or against each other so think and do what ensures your well being as a true brotherhood of humanity in Our kingdom and stop acting against each other as enemies,

This is a very important point that it is not possible for mankind to hide their true intentions from each other because they are going to motivate them into actions and those actions will either benefit or harm others therefore it will become obvious for all to see who is their real friend and who is their real enemy. So why try to cheat and deceive each other? We may be able to fool some of us for some of the time but not all of us for all the time. You only harvest what you sow.

11] Surely their Creator and Sustainer will bring them round to realise all this the day they learn to understand His revealed message properly.

Allah has explained everything for mankind in his book but man will have to learn to reach the stage of its proper understanding but how long will that take is up to mankind themselves. The sooner the people get on with learning the quicker they can get to where they need to be. The less they bother with learning the more time they will have to live the way they are living ie in terrible painful or agonising suffering.