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Surah 106 AL-QURAISH-To live by guidance of their creator and sustainer is necessary for mankind to be a proper human community in his kingdom for ensuring their own well being with help and full support of each other so that the purpose for which he has created them could become fulfilled by their carrying out of his provided program according to his guidelines.

This surah is named AL-QURAISH not because word quraish is used in this surah but because of the subject matter it talks about. The question is, what is this surah talking about? This surah is talking about the very same thing about which the rest of the Quran talks ie purpose based unity between mankind for their existence in this world that is as pleasant and satisfactory for them as possible so that they are rewarded with a much better life to come. The question is why do people need purpose based unity between themselves and is it at all possible for them to have such unity? To answer this question properly people as individuals need to ask themselves, what is most important for them in life of this world? Obviously their own individual lives are most important for them as individuals but how can they live their life in a way that makes their lives truly worth living? Human beings are not created in this world to live forever so no matter how they decide to live their lives ultimately their lives will come to an end after a set period of time which is not very long at all. So it is in the best interest of people themselves to live their lives the best possible way for the best possible end result. This is why the main question for people to ask themselves is, who can tell them what the purpose of their lives is and how can they fulfil that purpose? Only and only their own creator and sustainer can do that because he created them not for themselves to live as they like but for fulfilling his purpose and the way they can do that is also explained for them by him in his revealed message. All this is done by him for them so that they fulfil that purpose by working towards it according to his given program and guidelines for a proper constitution and its laws. This is why to properly understand messages sent by God is absolutely necessary for humanity and there is no escape possible from that no matter what and regardless in which direction people try to run away from it, they will be brought back to it from all directions by each other but not necessarily in best possible way. This is how this universe is set up to work. No person has ended up here on his own rather all people have come to this world through other people eg their parents. Likewise none can live in this world on his own so people are interdependent on each other for living in this world regardless they love each other or hate each other, so it is better for them to learn to love each other instead of hating each other. This is why after knowing message of God properly they must carry out his program as guided because that was the very purpose for which the message was revealed by God for humanity to begin with.

Originally in the beginning people were created by God and left on their own to learn things through their own direct life experiences with things and with each other to become sensible enough to understand his program and guidelines. When some of them turned sensible enough they sought guidance from God so they were sent messages by God through his messengers to help mankind know the purpose for which he created them and the way they could live their lives to fulfil that purpose. Since then the struggle between missionaries of God and the rest of humanity continues about how mankind should live in this world and for what or why. This surah is also about the very same thing. It is confronting people as a whole with things people already know for sure when it comes to living in this world the best possible way. Attention of people is drawn to the fact that they cannot live their lives the best possible way unless they get each other to agree about some very basic things. In short people cannot move about at all without having some sort of agreements between themselves otherwise they end up in fights and wars with each other and that means needless loss of many lives as well as terrible painful suffering by hands of each other in many different ways over a very long period of time. The Quran clearly explains to people the fundamental problems with agreements people make with each other. The main problem is that all these agreements by people are based upon their ignorance whereby they try their best to take undue advantages of each other for their personal gains at each other’s expense. This introduces element of force in these agreements so they turn out to be very short lived because when one party discovers the other party has taken undue advantage of it the fight starts all over again and again so there cannot be permanent peace between people based upon knowledge and mutual benefits. The change of situation between war and peace among people and hot and cold atmosphere between people cannot be stabilised till people learn to live with one another properly on basis of program and guidelines of their creator. For thousands of years the big fish in the sea of humanity have been swallowing the small fish and they still continue and there is no end in sight to this carry on. All this because ignorant people have been trying to shape the world the way they want it but they always failed and very badly. At the same time people of God have been slowly gaining ground by helping people educate themselves. In short today humanity is not as ignorant and foolish as it was in its beginning but it has still a very long way to go where it has to be to end the conflicts and wars between the most powerful human beings and the least powerful human beings by tying people up in a brotherhood of humanity under rule of law of one true God so that instead of opposing and fighting each other they complement and support each other fully to make this world a paradise for themselves.

This is why deen of Islam is a movement for that end and not a program for crating a personality worship cult as mullahs have misinterpreted it and misrepresented it due to their ignorance and foolishness. This surah is not named after any particular people but that does not mean there were no such people as fit the description in this surah. The Quran talks about people and things in a purpose based way. This is why all its information must be decoded in that context. Any other interpretation of the Quraan could be proven wrong in time to come when people discover facts and become widely aware of them. For example, most of the arguments in the Quran are valid for all times and places for all people because they are description based and they are not necessarily about any particular place or time or people. People who do right or wrong come and go but things told about them in messages sent by God stay because they apply to all those kinds of people at any time and in any place. This surah discusses subject matter it discusses because the Quran talks about mutual cooperation between individuals and groups for various reasons and thereby shows importance of covenants and treaties etc between people. Since agreements between people are of such vital importance according to all people themselves in so many different ways then what better reason people have to reject the main agreement template that has come from God for them and serves their purpose better than their own personal drawn up agreements between themselves, which are ultimately based upon idea of personal gains at the expense of each other? The Quran makes it absolutely clear that mankind cannot survive as they should without cooperating with each other fully and supporting each other fully and if people also think the same then what is holding them back from forming a brotherhood of humanity under rule of law of one true God and working together for the ends told in the Quran according to clearly stated program and guidelines? Have people any better goals or guidelines than those stated in the Quran? If they have them then where are they and if they do not have them then why don’t they accept the Quran as basis and unite as a brotherhood of humanity on that basis and get on with what needs to be thought and done instead of wasting time in arguing and fighting over irrelevant things or petty personal gains at each other’s expense? This surah mainly stresses upon vital importance of a viable program for humanity and related guidelines for a proper constitution and its laws so that people could unite and have peace between themselves and so that then they could make full speed progress and be prosperous as a community in the kingdom of God for their blissful, dignified and secure existence in this world and yet better hereafter. In fact this surah is mainly about vital importance of agreement between mankind and regularisation of human society for mutual support and cooperation between mankind regarding land and resources and means of production and distribution so that people could work with each other for their own blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community in kingdom of God on basis of unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] By saying, this Quraan is a book of vitally important guidelines for the most advantaged to the least advantaged people so that on basis of that they faithfully cooperate with each other fully for ensuring their own well being through help and full support of each other,

God has created people from most advantaged to least advantaged so that people could choose to complement each other by fully supporting each other as a proper human community under rule of law of God or go their own ways and use each other abusively by taking undue advantages of each other. God has created this world big enough to give each and every human being the best life possible but it is up to mankind to do their best for one another to get there or to do their worst to each other and make this world a hell hole for themselves.

2] These guidelines for their guidance are absolutely necessary so that on basis of them they undertake their life journeys in their volatile environment that keeps fluctuating between states of war and peace among them.

People are placed in this world on a journey to find their own way around it by working towards its proper understanding. This is why they are given all the necessities for this purpose so they should use what they have been provided with properly to accomplish their God set goal the way God has told them. Doing things any other way for any other purpose in opposition to that is only and only going to make them suffer the consequences they are clearly warned against in the Quran already.

3] For that reason they should be fully consistent with the guidance of their Creator and Sustainer for properly structuring or modelling their human society upon.

Word BAIT not only means a house in actual physical sense but a house that secures life of people in form of a structure for living one’s life in an organised and regulated way ie a concept and a placed based upon that concept or an architectural map for building or modelling a human society upon. One should always remember that the verses of the Quran carry complementary meanings within the very same text. The administrative houses are called MASAAJID which are supposed to carry out the administrative works at local, provincial or national level for the proper human community in the kingdom of God. BAITULLAH means house of Allah or a structure for a way of life provided by Allah as well as a place in which God assigned duties are carried out by people as an ummah that follows the Quranic way of life. Not only that but any place wherein people live on basis of a proper constitution and its laws based upon guidelines of God for fulfilling his program is also called BAITULLAH ie a sacred house or sanctuary for mankind in the name of God or kingdom of God or a proper Islamic state in a piece of land or one’s homeland wherein things are done according to guiodance of the Quran etc etc. One must always remember the fact that life and living necessities come first for mankind according to message of God. This is why people must reasonably secure their lives first and then carry out rest of program given by God. Insecure people cannot do that at all till they first reasonably secure themselves. This is why doing this is highest priority in commandments of God for mankind. This is why religions prove wrong because they ignore human life and its necessities and waste time of people in making them do things which have no returns for them to have a good life in this world which the Quran promises humanity. This is why make beliefs and useless practices are not from God which religious people attribute to God falsely and by getting involved in these practices waste their time and energy. This is how their lies become fully exposed for people of knowledge who have learned sense of making proper sense of things to be wise.

4] The One Who has bestowed them with food for nourishment of their bodies and minds whereby He satisfies their hunger for food and knowledge and that way brings them state of peace in mind and body instead of fear and anxiety and gives them freedom from worry of wars and starvation.

In this surah God makes his plan for humanity absolutely clear that he has not created mankind to keep them hungry and thirsty and in fear or painful suffering. However to stay free of fear, hunger and thirst or painful suffering they must learn the needed information and understand it properly to be wise and do what needs to be done as explained in the Quran very clearly for people who have learned sense of making proper sense of things. Otherwise they are bound to end up or remain in fear, hunger and thirst or in other words in terrible painful suffering permanently till they do what they are told by their Creator and Sustainer. So it is up to people to make their world a living paradise for themselves with help and full support of each other or a hell hole by fighting with each other for petty personal gains at each other’s expense.