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Surah 109 AL-KAAFIROON–A proclamation from God about way of life for fulfilment of his assigned mission by mankind for which he created them and all the rest of things to understand it properly and adopt it faithfully to have a blissful, dignified and secure existence in his kingdom as a proper human community.

This surah is named AL-KAAFIROON because the Quran has already explained in detail the way of life advised by God for mankind to live in kingdom of God as a proper human community so anyone who ignores or opposes this way of life is called a rejecter of way of life that is advised by God. The question is, why will someone reject God advised way of life? Because a person is not interested in studying it properly so that one could see its huge benefits and advantages in comparison to ways of life people invent for themselves and adopt or try to force upon each other. What makes people ignore study of way of life advised by their creator and sustainer and what makes them oppose it? The simple and straight answer is, ignorance and foolishness of people themselves. Today due to being born not knowing a thing into an already existing human world almost all people simply follow their social traditions and norms without any questions. Questions only arise in their minds on their social traditions and norms when problems arise in their societies which cannot be solved by using traditional or normal methods or practices, procedures, structures and systems. This causes conflicts within each and every human society as well as in between different human societies. Why things change in our world? It is because that is the way world has been designed or made by its creator and sustainer so that it serves his purpose for which he created it according to his plan. This world is not a static but a dynamic world that constantly goes through all kinds of changes all the time. Things are born and they grow and they die. For example, when a human population changes in its numbers it creates a lot of problems for people. Likewise happens when other things grow in their numbers eg pests can cause lot of problems for people. These problems are not only faced by people of today but they came about as things came about or were brought about by things. This world we live in has evolved from its simplest possible state to what it is today. All this change has been affecting everything in every way. Likewise when human beings came about they also had to be part of rest of the universe and that is how they evolved with time. God programmed things some to maximum possible degree and others to bear minimum just so that they are able to function in a way that fulfils or serves his purpose of creating everything. Humans were not programmed to maximum possible degree but they were programmed to be able to self program themselves using their brains, senses and bodies as well as provided things to interact with to learn things.

Just as all things are evolved from other things which existed before them save the very first thing likewise human beings were also evolved from already existing living things or tree of life. Living things were also evolved from nonliving things originally and then living things were evolved from already existing living things. This is why when living things die they turn back into dust because that is where they came from originally. Just as children copy their parents so living things which came from other living things copied their parents for living in this world. It was done either because things were fully programmed to do so or because they were partly programmed and given brains and senses to do so. This is why human beings as they came about from other animals they started living like animals till they started using their own brains and senses better and separated themselves from the rest of animal kingdom. However, when people became thinking human beings and odd people started thinking at a higher level they started questioning their own origin and the origin of everything all around them so they sought guidance from God and that is why God started sending his revelations to them through their top most sensible people from among them in order to guide them regarding living their lives properly in this world so that they could serve the purpose for which God created them. This created a divide between people due to different people being at different stages of learning and thinking. This is how came about divide between people who accepted God and his revelations and lived by way of life advised by God and people who rejected God and his revelations and lived as they liked. This struggle between true Muslims ie actual supporters of true deen of Islam and Kufaar ie their opponents still continues even today. However it will come to an end when all grown up people will have learned sense of making proper sense of things and they will accept the way of life God has advised for humanity to live by so that his purpose for creating them comes to its fulfilment.

Words MUSLIM and KAAFIR are defined in different ways for serving different purposes for people. As has been explained in detail already a human language is a very complex thing because all its words have a lot of differing meanings and a lot of its words mean exactly the same thing. This confusion forces people to define certain words for various uses or purposes between groups of people. This is why a word used in general context may have a very different sense than the one used in some other context eg in a technical field of knowledge. Likewise to understand over all context of the Quranic text is of vital importance otherwise the Quranic text cannot be interpreted correctly no matter what. Just knowing Arabic language is not enough for understanding the Quranic text rather one has to understand its proper context. For example, if one believes the Quran is a holy book of religion which tells people about beliefs and practices that have nothing to do with things that involve daily living then one can never interpret the Quranic text correctly at all. It is because for a human beings to survive is of vital importance not concept of worship the masses carry out because that does not put food on the table for a person to continue one’s life. The Quran deals with issue of human living and not just living but living properly in this world. One has to ask oneself, what is meant by living or what does human living involve? In the Quranic context it means the way people are supposed to get their livelihood for blissful, dignified and secure existence. This is what the real fight is about between people who wish to live by way of life advised by God in the Quran and any other people who wish to live by any other way of life invented by some people from among themselves and imposed upon the rest for taking undue advantages of them for petty personal gains at their expense. That is what really leads to power struggles between people therefore there exists ideological warfare between all people all over the world even within in their own minds.

On the face of it, it seems that it is Muslims who are imposing their will upon rest of humanity in the name of deen of Islam but just a little bit of thinking will reveal to oneself clearly who is really trying to do what, and why, or how. Deen of Islam is not at all what people assume it to be but it is clearly stated in the Quran, so if people want to know what actual deen of Islam really is then they should read the Quran and try to understand its message in its own proper context. Not in context of mullas who are stooges of rulers and money lenders who fund and support them to keep them in place to use them as and when need be to get what they want. A Muslim is not necessarily a person who professes to be a Muslim but a person who tries his best according to his God given abilities to understand the Quran in its own proper context and once he has done that he tries to educate others about the message in the Quran properly. Not only that but if people gather around the Quranic message then he too is part of them and tries his best to bring about an Islamic ummah in order to bring about the kingdom of God in this world for ensuring well being of mankind as a whole with help and full support of each other. He is then supposed to do all he can to sustain and maintain the kingdom so that it does not collapse and disappear leaving people to fall back in darkness of ignorance. This defines who the real ABDULLAH ie man of God is. Also it defined word ABD used in the Quran in this context. It does not mean a person who holds some make beliefs as deen of Islam and practices some rituals calling them Islamic rituals. It means a Muslim or a person who accepts and follows way of life advised by God for fulfilling the purpose for which God created people and all the rest of things. This clearly puts mullas and their senseless supporters and followers out of pale of deen of Islam. Both religion and secularism stand no chance against deen of Islam because religion is all baseless beliefs and useless ritualistic practices that do not deal with real issues of life and living so it cannot compete with deen of Islam and secularism has no solid foundation to give mankind basis for a blissful, dignified and secure existence in this world. All it has done is reignited negative competition between people for material things which has severely limited human unity, peace, progress and prosperity to barely minimum. It is because due to various secular ideologies people are busy trying to dominate each other by trying to undermine each other throughout the human world which has turned people into animals instead of becoming better human beings.

The Quran has already explained in detail the God advised way of life for mankind that will lead them to blissful, dignified and secure existence so it is up to people how they want to go about living their lives. The Quran makes the differences between two distinct ways of life absolutely clear for all people who follow them or are affected by them. The way of life advised by Allah can leads mankind to blissful, dignified and secure life as a proper human community in kingdom of God through unity, peace, progress and prosperity and all the ways of life other than that lead to painful suffering due to being based upon foundation of personal gains at the expense of each other. The reason is, one way of life is based upon idea of building a proper human community and maintaining it for the benefit of all its individuals ie on the idea of all people living for the best possible life for each other or for ensuring well being of each other but any other ideology is based upon personal gains at the expense of each other whereby people end up inflicting harms and destructions upon each other which therefore lead them to terrible life as things get from bad to worse in time to come. Personal gains of people at the expense of each other lead them to corruption of all sorts as well as divisions, rivalries and animosities among themselves through envy and jealousy which lead them to mutual hatred and so people end up in disputes, conflicts, fights and wars destroying everything for each other instead of building things for each other with help and full support of each other. Therefore Islam versus Kufr is made absolutely distinct by the Quran and therefore it is called AL-FURQAAN ie the criterion or yardstick and it is up to people themselves to educate themselves about all this and follow whatever they like and get ready for whatever outcome they will have to face in due course for making the choice and following it through. It is this whole thing that decides who is a Muslim and who is a KAAFIR. Mere declaration that I am a Muslim is not enough rather one has to prove it by one’s mindset, attitude and behaviour. It is a full package that you take it as a whole or you do not. The outcome of one’s thoughts and actions regarding others proves whatever way of life one has chosen to go by. Word ABD does not mean ritualistic worship in the Quranic context as people generally understand about it but acting as a subject or citizen of a state based upon guidance from Allah or carrying out his assigned program according to guidelines he has provided for a proper constitution and its laws for humanity to live by. The idea expressed in the Quran is that a man of God abides by his rule of law in his kingdom not by rule of law of any other than Allah. This is exactly what one is declaring when one says I bear witness LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAH ie there is no God=ruler/sovereign for this kingdom of the universe other than Allah.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] Saying, O you the people who reject and oppose way of life advised by your Creator and Sustainer without due consideration!

2] After much deliberation I have no desire to live the way you people live your lives because it brings harms and destructions upon humanity.

3] Despite all that you do not wish to live by way of life advised by your Creator and Sustainer when it is for ensuring well being of all as a proper human community in His kingdom.

4] For the reasons explained in detail already no matter what I will never wish to live the way you people live your lives because your way of life is based upon foundation of personal gains at each other’s expense that turns people into enemies of each other for petty personal gains.

5] And yet you people refuse to consider living by way of life advised by your Creator and Sustainer that I wish to live by because it can turn all people into a brotherhood of humanity under God, which can give mankind a blissful, dignified and secure existence.

6] However despite all harms and destructions which result from your thoughts and actions against each other due to living by your self-invented personal gains based way of life at the expense of each other if you still desire to live that way then remain prepared always for facing terrible consequences of your thoughts and actions against each other as I am prepared to reap rewards of my thoughts and actions based upon way of life advised by Our creator and Sustainer for ensuring well being of whole of mankind through help and full support of each other,

This surah explains how the truth of this message can be decided between the opposing parties regarding this message ie by carrying on with adopted ways of life respectively and then seeing which way things are going ie are things turning out better or worse with time? A very strong slap on face of mullahs who have put this so called Muslim ummah on the path of losers by turning Quranic way of life into a make belief mumbo jumbo and useless ritualism. The outcome of which is obvious for world all over to see and in this case it is not difficult to see the winners and the losers. Time for people who claim to be Muslims to become proper Muslims as per teachings of the Quran by kicking out mullaism along with their self made Islam in opposition to actual deen of Islam to confuse the ummah.

The question is, is loss of name sake Muslims actual proof of falsehood of the Quran? Not really because the Quranic challenge is not what way of life a people adopt in the name of Islam in their ignorance but about proper understanding of the Quranic message and then putting it into practice properly and then comparing the outcomes. Since Muslims have lost the proper sense of Islamic way of life and whatever way they are living by is not proper Islam therefore all Muslims and nonMuslims are all the same. In fact, on the face of it nonMuslims are doing better than name sake Muslims. As explained already in detail if people do not have proper understanding of a program then how can they be expected to carry it out properly? So there is no contest because the game is not played according to rules of the game. Of course it is time for people who claim to be Muslims to put their thinking caps on if they wish to prove the Quran is truly from Allah by outcomes of their thoughts and actions. Muslims must rise to the challenge or be damned forever. If they wish to rise to challenge then they have no choice but get rid of rulers, mullahs and money lenders from among themselves and create the Muslim brotherhood in its true sense as explained by the Quran itself otherwise as far as the Quran is concerned they cannot prove themselves true Muslims no matter how hard they try by believing what they have been believing and by doing what they have been doing for centuries. In fact that is what has led to their downfall in the first place.