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Surah 107 AL-MAOON-A helpful way of life advised by Allah for mankind for living in this world properly as a proper human community in his kingdom which can help them ensure well being of each other through help and full support of each other to fulfil the purpose for which he has created them as opposed to any way of life invented by people to live for personal gains at the expense of each other due to which people inflict harms and destructions upon each other for their petty personal gains whereby they end up stopping each other from developing and progressing to the full God intended degree,

This surah is named AL-MAOON not because this word is used in this surah but for the reason that it is dealing with the real issue of livelihood of mankind that faces all human beings on daily basis. So one has to ask oneself, is the issue of daily living that important that God needed to tell human beings how they should live in this world? The real issue for God is not human daily living but the very purpose for which he created everything including human beings. The issue of daily living of human beings only becomes important because of that very purpose of their creation because if human beings do not live they cannot fulfil his purpose for which he has created them. Since survival of human beings is of vital importance for purpose of God so God had to guide people by telling them the way to live so that then they could fulfil his purpose of their creation. Otherwise the whole thing fails which God could not let happen. This purpose of creation was of such importance for God that he ended up creating everything the way we see it before our very eyes including creation of people as babies without knowing anything at all. God could have programmed people fully not needing any other form of guidance at all just like many other things but that way purpose of God could not be fulfilled this is why God had to create human beings the way he did and gave them his messages for guidance about his intended purpose of their creation and the way that purpose could be turned into a reality by them. This is the proper context in which the Quran needs to be understood properly. This is why the Quran is the book which tells the purpose as to why God created humanity with ability of freedom of choice and self programming. The Quran is also a program from God for mankind to follow so that thereby they could fulfil that very purpose for which God has created them. The Quran is also a book that tells them the way they need to act or live in this world so that they could fulfil his intended purpose. It is in this context all the rest fits in neatly. Because this God designed project raises many issues for humanity one has to ask, what are those real issues? They are all about living of people in this world properly. In this surah the Quran is talking about economy ie how people should manage human population and resources and means of production and distribution properly and not ignore this issue at all or they will live to regret it. It is because if people will not learn about managing their world properly with help and full support of each other on basis of guidance of God then their situation will be or will become like parentless small children. This is why ignoring way of life advised by God is not without most serious consequences for mankind. This is why the Quran keeps discussing way of life issue in each and every surah in various ways.

This is why people must help each other become fully educated and trained for living in this world properly. The day people become aware of the fact how important it is for them to be proper human beings the world will start changing in the right direction much faster than it usually does at natural pace. This surah clearly shows vital importance of way of life advised by God and unity of mankind based upon it. Failing in either of these basic requirements means terrible life in this world for human beings by hands of each other due to their ignorance based stupidities. This has to be the basis for all decisions of humanity about all its affairs. This surah is using word ADDEEN in its very first verse and telling mankind the state of mind of each and every person who rejects way of life advised by God regardless what one claims to be. Not only that it is also telling mankind how people reject way of life advised by God ie even by claiming to be Muslims people do not do what is told by God. It is telling mankind people pay lip service to way of life advised by God. The result of this lip service is very much visible in the human world throughout the world ie people are cutting throats of each other in various ways. Not only with swords but with power of economy as well by using it against each other as a tool of war instead of using it for ensuring well being of one another. Power of economy is not used by people for empowerment of each and every human being but for dispossessing one another of things of need or want so that people could use each other abusively as slaves and masters of each other. One should be able to see clearly how the Quran is teaching people about an ideology for a proper way of life to live in this world by talking about all essential aspects of life and living or livelihood. This is termed deen of Islam or Islamic way of life by the Quran. This is called worship of God ie living by social ideology given by the Quran which is about setting up and regulating a human society according to the guidance provided by the Quran. The Quran is a book for basis of proper education and training program for all human beings everywhere in this world. This is what human society is supposed to be all about, this is what human politics are supposed to be all about, this is what human culture is supposed to be all about and this is what human economics are supposed to be all about. Anything opposite to that is nothing but corruption and corruption can never make human world the best possible place to live in as God has intended it to be for humanity. This is why if people want the best world possible for themselves then the only way to that kind of world is through the Quran based deen of Islam for them. This is why rejecting deen of Islam means saying good bye to life of paradise in this world as well as the next world. The Quran promises next world on basis of this world and not the other way round. If people will understand deen of Islam properly and follow it as intended by God then they will end up in paradise both in this world as well as in hereafter. If they will fail or refuse to understand and follow the Quran properly then result will always be the same ie as it is and it has been always as told in the stories told in the Quran for clarifying this issue ie a terrible life for humanity by hands of each other. People can only live in this world as a brotherhood of humanity by taking full care of each other all the time or they can live as enemies of each other taking each other out all the time or they can live a life in between these two extremes and there is no any other option on the table for them at all. So they should be able to see clearly which way they should try their best to live and which way they should try their best not to live. It is because whatever people think and do for or against each other will decide their future in this world as well as in hereafter.

The Quran talks about brotherhood and unity of mankind and that requires a fully motivated mutual cooperation of people for this purpose, so if people are going to unite and cooperate on that basis then their proper organisation and proper regulation is inevitable and that necessarily means adoption of the Quran based program, constitution and laws. It is because only and only this program gives people proper objective to work towards by basing themselves upon its guidelines for a proper constitution and laws to organise and regulate themselves. This surah is therefore bringing in all these points together in a nutshell but it also exposes hypocrisy of those who say one thing and do another or who say something with their mouths but oppose it by their actions against it in order to undermine human spirit for full cooperation for mutual benefits. This is what Muslim ummah has been doing to deen of Islam for centuries. They have been claiming to be Muslims yet they have been following harmful and destructive beliefs and practices labelling them as deen of Islam. The outcome of their this mindset, attitude and behaviour is clearly obvious throughout the Muslim world and the whole world can clearly see it. Hardly anyone has any respect for anyone who claims to be a Muslim because each and every Muslim looks at others who claim to be Muslims with suspicion in case one is backstabbed by any one of them, Such Muslims have been backstabbing each other for centuries it is nothing new. If anything these like Muslims have been giving deen of Islam a very bad name and results of doing that are becoming obvious day by day even to those who are claiming to be Muslims. However non-Muslims should not take these Muslims as proper followers of actual deen of Islam because almost all of them are not for the time being. It is because most of them are totally illiterate about the Quran to begin with. How can a people who have no idea what the actual message in the Quran is, could be taken for proper Muslims? To be a proper Muslim one has to know the Quran properly at least to begin with. Not only that, one also has to pass on this knowledge about the Quran to other human beings in the world as well. This is the least what is expected of a proper Muslim. So one can easily see how many people claim to be Muslims in the world and how many of them are actually doing what the Quran requires of them to do. The Quran does not condemn anyone for being ignorant but for remaining ignorant despite getting ample opportunities for learning and doing things that ought to be learned and done so that purpose for which God has created everyone and everything could becomes fulfilled. This is why people must correct their wrong concepts about God and the real world realities. Nowhere in the Quran God tells people to worship God the way people are doing throughout the world, instead God tells people to live their lives by his provided guidance. What does that mean? It means people should organise and regulate themselves on basis of guidance of God in order to carry out God given program by going about it according to way of life advised by God himself ie deen of Islam. People need to think and question themselves about deen of Islam as to why it is called deen of Islam to begin with. It is because this way of life can lead them to blissful, dignified and secure existence in this world as well as in the life to come. Islam is not a religion but a way of life for mankind that is advised by God so that thereby all their needs and wants are taken care of by themselves through their own hard works with help and full support of each other.

People need to become aware of the fact that religion has absolutely nothing at all to do with livelihood of mankind but deen of Islam has everything to do with livelihood of mankind this is why deen of Islam is mainly about governing ideology for a proper human society in kingdom of God. This is why it is all about formation of a proper human society. This is why it is all about its proper political set up and management of people and things properly. This is why it is all about bringing about a proper culture that facilitates all what deen of Islam stands for. This is why it is all about proper economics which take care of all needs and wants of all human beings as much as all this is within God given human capability. It is not about odd imaginary good works by individuals but about such good works which actually benefit humanity as a community by individuals within this particular social context which lead to definite outcome as told in the Quran. It is a purpose driven and an objective based organisation and regulation of human community wherein individuals come together and play a collective complementary role as individuals, each playing his or her part in this play as told which supports efforts made by others for the very same end. It is about a lame person and a blind person working together as a team to achieve their common goal or target. It is not about more advantaged people taking undue advantages of people advantaged to a lesser degree than themselves in some sense. Each and every person is supposed to give his all to the proper human community to the best of one’s God given abilities in this struggle for survival. None is to be pushed aside or pushed down or suppressed or oppressed by any other person for any harmful or destructive selfish reason. If anything those less able to do something are supposed to get more help from others to play their part more effectively in the community. Deen of Islam is not about pursuit of personal happiness by individuals at the expense of each other but about pursuit of happiness for the community as a whole as much as it is humanly possible for mankind in this very limited life. It is because of this pursuit people are to be rewarded in hereafter as well. It is because human beings cannot fulfil the purpose for which God has created them unless first they have blissful, dignified and secure existence themselves. Once they have that life for themselves only then they will be able to take the next step. That is because that step will need input of all human beings at the time for that end. So one can see how much of the human power is lost currently due to stupidity of the people who cannot think beyond themselves and their petty little personal gains at each other’s expense. However as the Quran tells us this situation will not last forever so better world is about to come into being perhaps in not too distance future when human beings will give up living by any ideology that is based upon personal gains at the expense of each other.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] Saying to mankind, have you the masses keenly observed your leading group that rejects the way of life advised by its Creator and Sustainer due to its harmful and destructive beliefs and actions?

A way of life can only be that which deals with issues related to human living on daily basis in this world. This is why any thoughts or actions taken in the name of DEEN or a governing system have outcomes which are good or bad for humanity as a whole. Bad outcomes for humanity come from bad ways of life people invent and adopt for themselves and good outcomes for humanity come from good way of life that is advised by God for mankind to live by in this world properly as a proper human community in his kingdom. So people who refuse to live by way of life advised by God are bound to end up hurting each other for petty personal gains in various ways and that hurt becomes obvious in due course to a people involved. This is how the Quran proves its truth by telling mankind the results of their thoughts and actions for or against each other based upon their adopted ways of life respectively.

2] It is that kind of leading group that tears human community apart by forcing people to live for personal gains at the expense of each other,

The Quran tells us about an ideological warfare that has been going on between mankind ever since humanity came into being. Human beings rose out of animals and they have been living just like other animals due to learning things of them till they rose out of that phase of their existence due to having better brains, senses and bodies than all other animals, because God created mankind for a very different purpose than the rest of the things in his kingdom. When mankind became sensible enough by learning from their direct interactions with each other and other things within their environments they sought guidance to understand things better so God started sending them his revelations through most sensible people from among themselves in order to help them understand the purpose for which he created them and to show them the way to fulfil his assigned purpose. However because human beings became used to living in a particular way in this world they created hierarchies so when odd people rose from among them to guide them to a better life than the one they had, they opposed them tooth and nail. It is because the way human societies became set up and run it suited those at the top of those hierarchies so they did not want any change in that. On the other hand those who suffered terribly due to that set up many of them decided to go with change for the better. This struggle for better life continued always between forces of status quo and forces of change for the better. The forces for change for the better always won but only by a very small margin after a very long struggle and a lot of very painful suffering. This is why human world of today is not what it was right from its start but it is still not what it is created for by its creator and sustainer but one day it will be as the Quran itself states. However till then struggle must continue and it will continue regardless people like it or hate it. It is because purpose for which God has created this world cannot remain unfulfilled forever. In this verse God is drawing attention of masses to their leaderships. It is because ever since human beings came to existence each and every human society has been controlled by its top most people unless it was led by a messenger of God who established a rule of law based human society as he was guided by God at the time. The last such a society was brought about by the last messenger of God namely Muhammad. This society was based upon the message in the last book from God for humanity ie the Quran. This society came to an end shortly after his passing away but it will come about once again and this time it will remain in existence for good. Not only that, it will be established worldwide unlike the ones that were established by messengers of God as exemplary states in small communities of people.

3] that is why such a group of people does not encourage individuals of its community to organise and regulate themselves as a proper human community in kingdom of its Creator and Sustainer to take care of needs and wants of all of them,

In this world there are two kinds of people a)those who are not bothered about how things are and they are a huge majority for the time being and b)those who want to change things for the better or worse because the way things are is either not bad enough for them so that they could take full advantage of things or that they are far too bad for them already so they want to change things for the better because for them it is a matter of do or die. These groups are only a tiny minority compared to the masses for the time being. However people who want to change things for the better are increasing in the world so it is only a matter of time when things are going to speed up in the right direction.

4] So there is a very bad news for future of all people of such like human societies unless they reform who are connected with each other this way instead of connecting with each other as a brotherhood of humanity on basis of rule of law of their Creator and Sustainer,

5] such as fail or refuse to shoulder their Creator and Sustainer assigned responsibilities towards each other as a proper human community in his kingdom,

6] such as help others only for tokenism to fool each other en masse,

7] all because in actual fact they oppose the way of life that is based upon idea of people living for ensuring well being of each other therefore they actively stop masses from helping one another by their tricks and mechanisms and that is how they deprive masses even of the very basic necessities of life.

This surah explains importance of a proper human community based way of life for mankind because without it things will grind to a halt in due course and humanity will have to go though terrible painful suffering as told in the Quran already because that is the end result of thoughts and actions of negative competition based human populations wherein people live for themselves at each other’s expense instead of living for ensuring well being of each other by looking after each other.