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Surah 110 AL-NASR–Guidance is sent by Allah to help mankind have a blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community in his kingdom through help and full support of each other so that they could fulfil the purpose for which he has created them as well as all the rest of things.

This surah is named AL-NASR because it talks about how Allah aids learning of mankind through his revelations so that they could have unity, peace, progress and prosperity as a proper human community in his kingdom. A human community that is sufficiently efficient to take care of human population in a dignified way by proper use of resources made available to it by the creator, sustainer and maintainer of the universe. This learning is needed on top of reasonable self awareness and wider universal awareness but those who fail to become self aware or aware about universal realities to a reasonable degree despite having been granted properly working brains and senses by God, cannot benefit from this guidance or help. The guidance by Allah is like a light that shines on a path to help one move along in safely but if one deliberately becomes blind by shutting one’s eyes then that light becomes useless for him. The case of people who remain ignorant, illiterate and uneducated therefore unable to think and do things properly is the same. One who has been granted all one needs for learning sense of making proper sense of things must learn sense of making proper sense of things or there is no best future for any such person. Not only that one has to be aware of the fact that any human society is made of its individual members so if its members are ignorant then society is doomed unless it changes for the better by becoming literate and educated and trained. Although God given brain and senses do not need God’s revelation for self awareness and awareness about universal realities to a reasonable degree to begin with but once one reaches the level of learning whereat one looks for further or higher guidance that is the stage when one searches for the overall information about existence properly and finds it. However if one does not prepare oneself for that stage then one remains as one is ie unaware and confused and dies in that state. So guidance from Allah only opens the door to wider awareness for those who are already on the ladder for becoming further aware about things. You can only teach higher level of things to those who have already reached the level needed for understanding that level of information for that purpose. This is why this surah is as if saying, O mankind behold, there has come to you help from Allah in form of knowledge to help you become aware yet widely. So when each of you see people accepting proposal for a way of life that is best possible for living in this world in crowds after crowds then work hard to manifest glory of Allah by bringing about that way of life based human community in his kingdom in reality for your own blissful, dignified and secure existence with help and full support of each other so that your world could become a paradise for humanity as a whole instead of a hell hole as it is made into by ignorant and foolish human beings. So one should have no difficulty in knowing what the Quran is all about ie it is a purpose based two way communication channel between God and mankind. So any questions mankind have in their minds relating the subject matter the Quran is revealed for they should look for their answers in the Quran and they will find them provided they have educated themselves to the level needed for proper understanding of the Quranic text.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] Saying behold O mankind, there has come for you help from Allah in form of His guidance to flung open the door to enlightenment to help you know how to live your lives and why

God has helped mankind learn things in two ways: a)By creating things with which people could interact directly and learn like babies play with toys and learn. This is why people observe things and interact with them because they are stimulated by them to try to copy them and they get better and better at it. This is experimental learning and is called life experience of an individual; b)By revealing his message for mankind to learn from. The experimental learning helps mankind learn this higher level of knowledge which is revealed by God. Word NASARA is about interaction between nature and human beings. For example, if people do not prepare the land for growing crops and they do not plant the seeds then rain will come and go but nothing will happen ie needed crops will not grow because people did not prepare land nor planted seeds, so rain will go to waste as far as people are concerned because they did not make proper use of it. Likewise seasons come and go and if people will not learn how to take full advantage of them then it will be their loss. Likewise if people will not take full advantage of revelation of God, it too will go to waste. Just as rain helps grow food in a field that is already prepared on time for this purpose so revelation of God helps mankind grow in unity, peace, progress and prosperity in kingdom of God as a proper human community if they have already prepared themselves for benefiting from it.

2] so in due course you the mankind will see people migrating from their existing ways of life to way of life advised by Allah in multitudes

Allah has done his part of work by setting up things, putting laws of nature to work and revealing his message for helping mankind etc etc but rest is up to mankind themselves. It is now up to people to learn message of God properly with help and support of each other and then do properly what the message tells in order to have a great life in this world as well as in hereafter. It is also made clear for mankind that one day human beings will get there where they are supposed to reach or arrive. The only difference is that by learning things properly people can plan things ahead of nature therefore they can save themselves from a lot of needless terribly painful suffering over a very long period of time. So if people will not learn what they need to learn for a great life in this world voluntarily then nature will teach mankind things the hard way by putting them through process of forced learning. That is people will think and act as they see fit by being forced by their needs or wants for survival and that way they will make terrible decision about each other whereby they will end up making lives of each other a living hell. Living this way they will simply react to each other rather than planning things ahead of time sensibly or wisely as taught by God through the Quran. This world is designed by God in such a way that people can use it the best possible way as well as the worst possible way. However God wants people to use it the best possible way. Nonetheless people are doing what they like and the result is before our very own eyes.

3] therefore you the mankind as individuals and as groups should work very, very hard to manifest glory of way of life advised by your Creator, Sustainer and Maintainer to each other for establishing His rule of law in His kingdom to overcome all your difficulties and problems to ensure your blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community in His kingdom. Surely He is ever ready to turn to people to help them through His revealed program and guidelines for a proper constitution and its laws for this purpose.

The Quraan is mainly about four tasks for mankind as individuals and as groups; a)a person oneself must learn and understand the Quraan properly, b)a person who has learned the Quraan properly must teach the Quraan properly to as many other people as possible so that they too understand it properly, c)once people know the Quraan properly they must come together as a proper human community and implement the Quraanic way of life in the kingdom of God with help and full support of each other, and finally d)all must do all they can to sustain and maintain the kingdom as it ought to be sustained and maintained.

This is why in this surah the Quraan is using some very powerful words to convey the points already explained in detail. For example, here word SABBAH is used to express the need for very, very hard work to ensure success of the mission given to humanity. It is as if the Quraan is telling an individual or a group to give it your all. Likewise word HAMAD is used to tell people to make sure you explain the reason why the way of life advised by Allah is the best possible there is. This is why humanity will be forced by reason to accept and adopt it once it understands it properly, because just knowing a way of life is the best way of life is not enough but also to implement it or to turn the idea into a reality is another tough task to prove the point that the way that is claimed to be the best is in actual fact the best in reality as well for mankind to live by. Since the way of life advised by Allah will make this world a paradise for mankind therefore mankind will sing praises of God from the very bottoms of their hearts. This is how it will prove to mankind that it is a glorious way of life that could only come from the one who himself is most knowledgeable and majestic ie God. In the Quraan God tells people to celebrate blessings of God and it also tells them the Quraan is the greatest blessing God has granted humanity. This is why the final messenger of God namely Muhammad is said to be a blessing for the mankind. It is because he understood the Quraan properly and helped others do the same and when people gathered around him they brought about the kingdom of God and that is how he proved to be a gift from God for humanity. Today if we look around, the human world is full of problems anywhere and everywhere and people are looking for someone to solve their problems. However none can solve their problems without their own help for which they are not ready yet to work. The Quraan tells people they cannot have the world they would love to have unless they themselves work very hard towards it. If a person is thirsty then water is provided for him by God but the person must go and get the water and drink it to quench his thirst and that is what people do not want to do. They want someone else to do the needed works, they just want the good things without doing what they need to do to get things. The Quraan clearly tells people the fact that God only helps those who help themselves as well. God has told mankind how they can turn their world into a paradise as well as he has given them all they will need to do so. However to do what they need to do to turn their world into paradise is left up to themselves by God. So those who are suffering painfully are doing so because they are not bothered with playing their God assigned role as they should. Instead of realising all this and reforming themselves they put all the blame on God for their state of existence.

This surah explains what is meant by help of Allah in the Quranic context. It means guidance from Allah for people so that they study it properly to understand it properly as individuals and as groups by sharing it with each other with help of each other so that people are mentally convinced for its truth and workability and support each other for its proper implementation to become a properly organised and regulated human community in the kingdom of God that is self dependent out of its conviction due to being fully conscious of its responsibilities towards God and each other. This is how mankind can achieve their goals set by Allah for them according to guidelines given to them by Allah for carrying out his given program. This is why the Quran is a program with guidelines for a proper constitution and its proper laws all in one for proper management of human population and resources as well as means of production and distribution for the growth and prosperity of whole of mankind. This is why people will be rewarded not only in this life for following guidance of Allah but also in the life to come as well.