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Even if we accept the theory of divine revelation, the scriptural predictions need to be very clear and to the point for verification of the people the divine scripture is sent for, yet all scriptures are seriously flawed even in that case. For example, all scriptures ought to proclaim successor-ship except for the very first one because there could not be any scripture before it. Likewise they ought to proclaim predecessor-ship except for the very last one because there could not be any scripture after it. That is if we accept that god must reveal many scriptures one after the other. Each and everyone of these scriptures ought to fulfil its purpose. The predictions in the scriptures ought to be about the origin of creation, the way it works and its purpose etc which people at the time could verify. In our time any alleged divine scripture ought to tell us exactly how the world was created, what it exactly contained, how it worked and how it all functioned in a very detailed manner to the extend the alleged divine scripture proclaims its regional and periodic jurisdiction. Some people may say, well language was not developed and so god could not talk about things in detail. The answer is, god should have thought about it before creating the world and should have created it fit for his purpose, for he too has to play the game by the rules of the world the way it exists in that but no scripture follows that road either. Whether we judge scriptures in context of perfection of god and his creation or we judge scriptures on the basis of god and the way the universe exists, there remain many questions unanswered as explained through out my this work.

So god should have used the language that was developed enough for this purpose or that he could have explained it away by using detail of things ie by describing them clearly. For example, in the quran god allegedly explains to us about hereafter etc etc. We have not seen or heard of hereafter concept but from the quran. So if quran can explain things about hereafter then why not about this universe and its contents or how things were brought into being? For example, god could tell us, you will see there are many galaxies in this universe and that each galaxy has billions of solar systems in it and that each solar system has such and such things in it ie planets etc. Moreover their creation should have been detailed such that we could clearly verify it.

We could have been told how many planets were there in our own solar system, which planet was largest or smallest in our solar system, which was orbiting nearest or farthest from the sun. Was the sun orbiting the earth or was the earth orbiting the sun? How many moons were there with which planet or what shape they were. How god brought about living and nonliving creation including human evolution should have been clearly explained for our verification and then he should have told us that that is how he will create us again. The period of evolution should have been clearly foretold etc etc. In other words what people have been discovering throughout by means of scientific developments should have been clearly foretold to such an extent that no one could make it up by themselves. He shouldn’t have left any room for misinterpretations of the provided information. Since such like information is absent from all the alleged divine scriptures, they clearly prove to be word of man and as such fail to guide humanity.

In fact they misguide humanity such that stupid and uncaring people are busy killing innocent people throughout the world. It is feudal religions and scriptures that are creating quarrels between various societies, cultures and communities due to wholesale indoctrination not the destitute people, for they have become like robots. In fact, some people from different backgrounds do try to get along and try to reinterpret their beliefs but suddenly others condemn them as hypocrites, traitors or heretics etc etc. There is no religious tolerance in backward people or countries and anyone expressing any views even slightly against any religion is threatened and terrorised with all sorts of threats including social boycott and murder. These people do not even realise that that is exactly what is keeping them down and will keep them down till they allow people to think freely. Only thinking people can realise problems and find solutions. Without the development of critical faculty people will not be able to invent things, modify them, produce them or distribute them to make a descent living individually or as a society and or a country. Unless people do such things there will not be any progress or it will be very very slow. We cannot and we must not blame others for any and every problem in our life rather we must learn to take responsibility for ourselves should we wish to change for the better. If we don’t allow people to think or destroy educated people from between us then what service are we doing to ourselves or our communities? One must realise how long it takes to educate an individual and how many resources are needed to do so? Educated people mostly turn away from religion because they realise the problems with religion and therefore they are killed by fundamentalists which leaves the state and humanity at large to suffer the consequences for allowing such loss.

Freedom for thinking and expressing thoughts as well as education is essential for human progress, peace and prosperity. I do not mean that people do not try to keep each other down by using whatever advantage they have over each other but that is a loss for all of us if we but realise. We need all people to be able to contribute maximum possible to human society this will speed up our own progress without any loss to anyone else. By putting each other down we are actually wasting this precious effort and manpower eg when we put female members of our society down we decrease our possible output by a half. So I blame the ignorance which exists even in minds of rich and educated people who have not yet realised this fact. It is not in the interest of anyone that we allow billions of people to go to waste. People who have made it must help step by step to pull up the remaining lot too. This will help sustain growth and development over a long period of time and smooth out any variations in the progress. For example, if I was alone in doing something then I won’t be able to establish much over and above my own needs. Now if I become ill for some reason, I cannot do what I used to do then I have nothing much to fallback on. However if there was a whole bunch of us working together then if any of us became ill we will be able to sustain him till he gets better and starts doing what he used to do. Likewise educated worker is better than an ignorant or a stupid worker, for educated person knows that he must keep his company going in return for security of his own job, so he wouldn‘t allow it to become backward, obsolete, bankrupt or damaged. A partner in work is better than a slave because he has better incentive to work harder, for he has a share in the profit.

A worker whose wage is based on realistic production is better than a fixed wage worker, for one has better incentive for working even harder. We must try to replace old concepts of slaves and masters, for they are no way forward for a civilized human society. We need international laws against undue exploitation and under cutting each other so that people of the world could get what they really deserve. We need to set up worthwhile compensation system for safe guarding victims of crime and as a deterrent for people who may deliberately commit crimes against humanity, thinking they can get away with it by playing dumb. People who are a danger to society through no fault of their own if we cannot lookafter them then they should be put to sleep but some must be kept to find out what is wrong with them in order to help others in future. Religion does not teach these things rather they come from minds of those who care what happens to our world. Religion does not care what happens to us or it wouldn’t have set us up against each other therefore it is no way forward.

A new thinking is needed, a new direction is needed and a new way of life is needed for us all the time due to changing world to unite and go forth together. It is not long ago that almost all white people used to treat others inferior to themselves and some still do. They did not appreciate the contributions non-white people made and are still making to the human civilization. Because there are many people amongst non-white people who make an equal if not more effort than many white people to make our world a better place eg philosophers, doctors, scientists, engineers, teachers and many, many other types of skilled and unskilled workers etc etc. Likewise there are many white people who are not contributing to human society at all or that they are causing hindrance to human progress. So it is not the colour of one’s skin that matters but the sense of responsibility for human progress, peace and prosperity. So whoever made or makes any effort in this direction is praiseworthy and whoever opposes this is condemnable.


Here are some quranic challenges and wrong information. The sky is thought to be a solid structure 2/22. Bring a chapter like quran 2/23. There are seven heavens and one earth like them or seven earths 2/29, 78/12, 65/12, 67/3-4. God changes Qibla (focal point during prayers) of Muslims from Jerusalem to Mecca 2/142 & 150. It is possible to dispute in the divine revelation 2/176, 253, 3/7, 4/46, 5/14, 51. The quran tells people to leave their relatives unless they become muslims and don’t marry nonmuslims and so it divides and destroys families 2/120,221 3/113, 9/23,114, 10/19, 11/42,110,118, 16/93, 19/47, 23/53, 32/13, 42/14, 49/12, 58/22, 60/1,10, 98/4. The quran clearly tells that people were living together as one people then there came so called prophets who caused divisions amongst them. The prophets were cause of division because they couldn’t prove what they claimed as already explained. The quran tells people, don’t cause mischief in the earth, but, see who actually causes all the mischief! See 2/11-15,213, 3/19,102,105, 10/93 etc. Once again it is alright to cause mischief if you are a muslim but not if you are a nonmuslim. Double standards, fatal flaws and contradictions in the quran are so obvious yet people are unwilling to see them. The quran contains insults to atheists, polytheists, jews, christians and even muslim villagers and muslim women or people who disagree with Muhammad. This is why the quran is not word of a god but of a man who every so often losses his temper. God only needed to prove his claim and in order to do so he did not need to insult those who had different beliefs.

The reason is obvious that if one can prove oneself true or right by educating others then they don’t stand a chance to hold on to wrong ideas or beliefs. It is all matter of proclaiming and proving and insults, threats and other useless arguments don’t come into it. As I said earlier some people joined Muhammad to better their life or to avoid exploitation by jews or rich and powerful people but then those people became trapped and were forced to stay within or that they couldn’t get out ie anyone who tried would have been killed as an apostate. This is what is happening even today ie people are not allowed to think for themselves. They are trapping each other into corners by pushing each other into organised religions or cults and this gives rise to fundamentalism, extremism and militancy. There were many different versions of the quran during the life of the prophet, which people were told to destroy after the preparation of a so called the authentic version by Uthman the 3rd caliph decades after death of Muhammad. In fact the quran was changed by Muhammad himself under the guise of abrogation. This was a very stupid thing to do for a man who claimed prophetship, for people who came into contact with him once and got a message from him may have traveled away with that message without knowing what the later message might have been. This would be a recipe for disaster later on when prophet is no longer there, for people would fight over who has the right message etc and that is exactly what happened later on. This ought to confuse people both with written message as well as memorized.

One can see that Muhammad wanted to please as many as he could to get his plan off the ground but once he got a bit of power base then he began to get tougher and tougher even against his own followers as well as his neighbours. So islam is not what muslims preach rather look into the quran yourself if you are so interested in finding out about it. You don’t have to buy religious books rather visit websites and libraries. Don’t support religious causes in any way, for it will only ruin some more lives. It is quite possible that the quran was only a few chapters during the life of Muhammad as a plan to start a struggle for freeing his people like Jesus or Gandhi etc but later people invented a religion in the name of Muhammad. This was done in case of almost all religions ie hinduism, parsiism, judaism, christianity, sikhism and many others that we never even heard of, for they did not survive, for every struggle by everyone never does.

There were always struggles amongst people throughout the world for many different reasons. Some were ideological others political. Some social others cultural. However, most of them were about economics and mostly against exploitation of poor by the rich and the powerful. Jews had to struggle against Romans, India had to struggle against foreign rulers through out times. Some people took over other people’s countries and so they had to fight back, because their own very survival became threatened by the invaders. Likewise once Muhammad organized his people to get them out of poverty and slavery he himself in turn became the invader and took on the world and then world fought back and his empire was also brought to an end. Wars were always about invading other people’s territory or getting freedom from invaders, for one people wanted to take undue advantage of others. It all started very early in evolutionary chain and continues. Likewise some people became settled in time the while others remained nomads. These nomads produced bandits who always robbed the settled people. For example, farmers did the hard work of preparing the land for crops but when crops were ready robbers came and took them away or even invaded the place and made settlers their slave to work for them.

Some people were successful in invading and some were successful in getting their freedom. The thing is that once a people join together to fight for freedom they create a power base for themselves and therefore it becomes possible for them to invade other people. So there is a need for changing people’s mentality and attitude so that we all could accept each other and learn to live as a single family that works together in a sensible way rather than letting ignorance and undue greed to push us towards destruction. This will create fairness and better life for all of us therefore it will bring an end to all baseless ideological, political, economic, social and cultural struggles that are based on ancient concepts and more authoritarian ideologies. As I see things, the rich and the powerful people or countries are getting richer and even more powerful the while the poor and the weak people or countries are getting even poorer and weaker by every second. It is no body’s fault if some people are doing better because they are putting their food where their mouth is ie they are going about the worldly life in a better way than those who are lost in their baseless beliefs. This needs to change for the better of everyone and steps must be taken to change our ideologies and bad cultures, political, economic and social structures or practices. Of course there are many difficulties, to say the least changing people’s way of looking at life in this world is not going to be easy.

It will be very difficult to make people see the errors of their ways of thinking, believing and doing things which make them deserve what they are getting thrown at them by life. Somebody has to do something somewhere to make this world a better place and every little step helps. I think people or countries that are better at understanding the world must play a major role in helping less fortunate people and countries to organize, create and manage their economies in a sensible way. People need to be helped to get out of this mess of debt and destruction. This does not mean there are no poor or weak people in the rich and powerful countries but that we must restructure our society in such a way that helps everyone all over the world for long term future of everyone. We need to make more and more people productive and useful so that together we could develop more new ideas and explore new avenues.

Giving money to poor people or countries is no answer to anything rather we need to get involved at every step in people’s life so that we could make them wise and sensible so that they could stand on their own feet. We need to stop thinking in sense of friends and foes or masters and slaves rather we must educate people to come out of their closets. Most invaders in the world always converted people to their own ideologies or religions and forced their cultures upon them and made them economic slaves to say the least. The religious community always helps its own and that is an evil in itself because when one people believe they are better than others and so they deserve to be served by others as their slaves then that leads to destruction. Both mentalities are deplorable ie where rich and powerful individuals and countries unduly exploit the weak and the poor and the weak and the poor who think that they have right to loot and rob the hard working risk taking rich. The rich would not be rich if he had not taken the trouble and the risks according to the laws of society and poor would not be poor if that person was given the proper chance to live his life and the person took the chance to benefit himself and the society. So everyone needs to rethink their position in society to better the human society or nothing will change, for everyone must participate therein with positive frame of mind.


Looking into the quran one will clearly see confusing and unfair laws and barbaric penalties eg it tells that the wives of the prophet deserve double the punishment for a crime than that of a normal free woman. It was done so that the wives of the prophet were under more control of the prophet than other women were under the control of their husbands. It tells that a maid deserves half the punishment of a free woman. It tells that if a free man murders a slave of some one then one of his slaves should be killed instead of him. If a women is killed then a women should be killed in her place. This clearly shows tribal context of justice in the quran, for it is gross injustice to kill innocent in place of the criminal. You cannot be doing the right thing by killing an innocent person. Moreover, this looks nothing like words from a god, for it goes like, a dog for a cat and a chicken for a pigeon and swan for a duck and so on. Does this look like a text that is beyond human creation? Anyway thieving is punishable by cutting off thief’s hands and feet. Homosexuality amongst men is forgivable by repentance but amongst women it is punishable by imprisonment in the house for lifetime ie till death. Married people who commit adultery are to be stoned to death in public while unmarried people are to be punished with 100 lashes each in public. If one murders somebody the family of victim may accept blood money as compensation instead of demanding death for the murderer. This tells that sexual crimes or theft are treated worse than murder 2/178, 4/15-16,25, 5/36,41,42,48, 24/2-9, 13,32,33, 33/30, 42/40.

The quran gives men controlling status over women and it is women who are told to hide behind the veil and look to men for their livelihood etc. Moreover a man does not need an excuse to divorce his wife. When it comes to inheritance it again shows tribalism at work, for people are told to treat their closer relatives better than strangers, yet we are told the quran preaches brotherhood. Is this not a recipe for nepotism and favouratism based on kith and kin? What kind of brotherhood would lay down laws to cutoff people when it comes to their benefits if they are supposed to be caring for each other? Not only that but a sister gets half of what her brother gets from what their father leaves behind. It is a man who can take a woman as his wife because the man is the bread winner but a woman cannot take a husband, for she is not allowed to be a bread winner. Also it is a man who can divorce his wife because he is the bread winner but not the other way round. This happens in all religions ie women are treated as slaves. Some of these laws were allegedly made better as compared to what Arabs had at the time but no doubt many of them are useless and senseless, for people know better. If a muslim murders a nonmuslim then he cannot be punished by death penalty.

The inheritance law is very confusing to say the least. For example, we are told to divide property as 1/3, 2/3, 1/6. This is impossible in practice. If you are in doubt please try it out yourself. In Mathematics we call such numbers irrational numbers because they keep on going for ever and ever. Can one divide one by three fully? The answer is, No. So if one leaves a piece of gold for his three sons then how do we divide it into three exactly equal parts to give 1/3 to each of them? Try the same for two thirds or one sixth or seventh or ninth etc etc ie a man can have any number of children eg 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13 etc etc. This is one problem that is impossible to solve and the other is that, a man died leaving behind some property and some family ie a father, a mother, a wife and two daughters. How should the property be divided amongst them? See 4/11,12 &176. The quran says, give one sixth to father, one sixth to mother, one eighth to wife and two daughters get 1/3, which equals 1 &1/8 not 1. That is the shares allocated add upto be more than the available property. There is no mention in the quran how these shares may be taken to overcome this mathematical mistake. The other problem is that after you have divided shares as told, some close relatives may end up with shares that are less than those allocated for strangers.

Another mistake in numbers is obvious when you add up the number of days god takes to create universe. It is repeated in some verses that it was six days but when you add them up where they are mentioned separately for detail they become eight. See 7/54; 10/3;11/7;41/9,10,12 etc. We are told that length of a day in the sky equals one thousand years according to earthly measurement as well as fifty thousand years. See 22/47;32/5;70;4. We measure length of day on the earth according to the earth’s rotation on its own axis what is god’s reference for measuring his day in the sky? Where did the quran get the figure of seven skies from? Moreover the quran completely ignores crime detection through forensic science. If a woman is raped she has no recourse to justice unless she has four male witnesses. Now who will get raped? A poor woman who has no one to lookafter her and who will rape her? A master to whom she will go to seek livelihood. When will he rape her when there are at least four witness so that he could be stoned to death? Sounds like a law made in heaven, doesn’t it? Since destitute woman will have no protection she will have to find a man for herself and stick to him even if he abuses her? Sounds like a perfect divine system for safety and security of the citizens, doesn’t it? We are talking here about islamic paradise, the ideal state that muslims are trying hard to create. This again proves that the quran is not divine in its origin, because as a result of bit by bit quranic revelation Muhammad was easily led by his opponents into answering their baseless questions so that they could catch him out this way that he is not a divine messenger, for divine laws should have been made independent of prejudice, bias, time and place or cultures. They should have been based on what was actually right or wrong and not what the existing customs or traditions were in Arabia or elsewhere. Because if you improve on something already existing by a little then it will not be long before someone else comes up with even better ideas.

Islam does not allow women only witnesses there has to be at least one man. So if women want to improve their life they must come out fighting particularly against organised religious machinery. It is people that are disadvantaged by a system need to change the system why should those who are taking advantage of it? 2/282, 4/11-12,15,34,176 etc. A lot of people don’t read their religious books and think that priests etc are making up things but that is not true in all cases. The simple truth is that organised religion as a whole is a manmade thing and books that were written ages ago are now not changeable rather people must leave the whole thing behind them because it is destroying them or accept it as a whole and live by it and face wholesale destruction. It is not the fault of feudals and religious leaders alone if you yourself are stupid as well, who cannot think for himself. Inheritance laws are a shamble because each family is different from another so leaving a daughter with less who is already a weak person being a women has its own problems. When she gets married the guy may be poor who did not inherit much from his father so what will happen to her livelihood? Moreover the husband could be a nasty person who does not give his wife anything of his so how does she live meanwhile? Muslims claim only when Muhammad came he gave rights to women but that is not true. For example, the quran tells about a lady who was a queen long before him ie queen of Sheba. His own wife was a wealthy women so she must have had rights to do what she wanted to do. In fact she marries to a none jew ie Muhammad.

People who used to kill their daughters are still killing their daughters because they live in societies that structurally remain the same ie tribal which treat women in that way ie poor people cannot afford dowries etc. This again is talked about in the quran where god allegedly says, do not kill your children in fear of poverty 17/31. Thinking one way, Muhammad may have improved the situation for his people, but why it was not possible for him to do away with everything evil in the society including inequalities between sexes or slavery etc? I think he failed to tackle problematic ideologies and their systems or practices effectively so he failed to change people much. On the other hand he may have been the perpetuator of these like crimes against humanity the way he treated women, his own people as well as the nonmuslims after he became a powerful man and a ruler. Even though originally he got up to do something against the system but when he himself got there and saw the advantages he probably kept the systems intact instead. He married a child of six leaving her on her own at 18 years of age when she really needed a man ie he died with law that she could not marry again. Muslims talk about marriage with consent, what sense a six year old girl has to give her consent for marriage? A man who claims to be the best of the divine messengers ending up with child abuse at an old age of over fifty. What kind of example does that set for muslims? This shows the fact that consent of a girl is not required for marriage in islam and that child abuse is alright, for islam too is a feudal organised tribal religion, so what do we expect from such religions, their inventors and their followers?

Muhammad died when Aisha grew up and told her that she cannot marry after him. Can a normal young woman of eighteen live the rest of her life without sex after such an experience? The prophet was cruel beyond belief yet muslims claim he was full of mercy for the mankind. If this is the ideal of islamic mercy, I wonder what would be the idea of cruelty in Islam? The reason he forbade his wives from marriage after his death maybe that they may give away secrets of his life or that he thought it would diminish his pride or maybe he thought he may come back to life again, for muslims believe he is alive in his tomb even today. It may well be a law imposed by followers later on to ensure none of them becomes powerful over than by claiming to be the husband of women of prophet. As for setting up too high number of witnesses for proof of a crime, it too is a problem, for criminal will get away with his crime because the victim cannot find sufficient number of witnesses to get him charged etc. Setting up too tough punishment for a crime does not benefit the victim of the crime. Moreover islam does not take into account the fact that even if laws were given by god yet they will be applied only and only by ordinary human beings who are not perfect. Each and every step is pointing to the fact that alleged divine scriptures are full of serious faults and are root of problems in our society instead of solutions. It is high time that people became thoughtful themselves as regard to realising their problems and finding solutions rather than waiting for a divine guidance which was never there and will not be there ever.